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    Hello Everyone,
    Glad to be here. I'd like to introduce myself...

    I'm a 41 year old divorced guy living in Sweden.
    I have decided to change my life and quit porn. My goal is to find a girl and get a really good sex life. But dating with ED is not so fun. I met a girl and it did not work out due to this. Not a nice experience. She was not so understanding when I did try to explain.

    Been using porn for about 20 years give or take, or since internet got overloaded, and decided to quit july this summer. I now realize quitting is not so easy. Having relapsed a few times I decided to try this site to connect with others who understand what im facing. I have come clean about my problem to a close friend as well but Im not sure he fully understands..

    I have already seen alot progress in my recovery though, even after 2-3weeks. Dating is not an issue. I'm a charming goodlooking guy with decent job and healthy lifestyle. The girls really like me. But anxiety ED is also a thing I worry about, which hold me back from going any further with the girls. (not very sexperienced either since I spent all my adult XXX life on the computer LOL).

    So Im counting days now and try to stay above the surface.
    Fail better!

    thanks for reading this far/
    and oh.. Im a music producer :)
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    Hello and welcome to NoFap!

    How did you start being a music producer? I am considering a career in music.

    Consider creating a journal so others can track and support your progress. Build support by supporting others!

    Journal forum here:

    Good luck!
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    Thank you!
    Background to music production: I have always loved listened played music since i was a child. Dad played organ in church. Bass is my main instrument, but played drums piano and guitar aswell . and singing. The voice is a central part of developing your ear, and listening is SO important. I had a 4ch tape recorder and started to play around with it. to be honest i think producing began as a control behaviour. wanting to be the one deciding what the intruments should play and sound like. With computers introduced to amateur musicians market i was sold. Its not my daily work, but more like a sidebusiness. RnB, jazz Wetcoast lounge, EDM and such. I compose record and release music of my own.
    What music are U into?

    I will now create a journal.
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    Thank you too!!
    Im really glad to be here. and to share with others what im going through. I believe connecting to this forum everyday will help me hold the line.
    7days challenge: I will do this as soon as I reset. (which hopefully i will not do.) But thanks for the tip. And the guide. a lot of useful tips there.
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    Wow, you're quite accomplished! I play the piano as well and I typically listen to instrumental pieces, piano and guitar compositions and covers. I also listen to RnB and Hiphop with an interest in playing Jazz.

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