FAILED after 1 month :C

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Anonymusperson, Feb 1, 2017.

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    My new year's resolution was to quit masturbation. I was determinate and passionate to completely quit porn addiction. It was almost 30 days!!!!. Sadly, two days ago I had these thoughts of having a break from abstinence by masturbating every month. So, I did it. It was a mistake that I decided I won't repeat again, however, a day later I masturbated two more times.
    I am really really sad right now and mad at myself because I feel that I missed the chance for complete soberness and I wasted all the effort that was put during the past month and that I will never have a another chance like that.
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    you failed 1 month , there are still 11 months ;) don't give up ....
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    Almost 30 days it matters. Enjoy that you have been able to abstain yourself from PMO for this time period. If you fuss too much on this then you can expect a second relaspe, by telling this I am not trying to frighten you but stating what I have learnt from myself.

    Urges, triggers these will take a bigger picture when you are rebooting this is because through constant feeding of porn & masturbation for a considerable period of time to the brain. Now when you are rebooting then your that part of the brain will act in a tricky way to fall in the lap of urges, triggers whatever you say. So just you have to fight this and then after sometime your brain will adjust accordingly and you will feel lot better.

    You are doing it right because that has led you to that almost 30 days. Enjoy it. Get set again on your streak. You can check these two videos to understand porn & brain

    Best Of Luck for the rest of your journey and always get yourself posted here.
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    I am also on a streak of around 1 month. I was thinking of breaking it and restarting. But reading this, now I think I should focus for the 2 months streak.

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