Failed at NoFap? Try this! 21 Day Strategic Launch NoFap Program

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by sephhh, Oct 12, 2020.

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  1. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    I name this the 21 Day Strategic Launch NoFap Program

    I discovered this method works well to jump start your streak. This should immediately put you into a flatline once you complete it. It is not recommended to do this if you do not complete the entire program. It has three parts;
    1. Detach 1-7 Days
    2. Start Streak 8-14 Days (or more)
    3. Train Mind 15-20 Days
    Day 21 you start your new life.

    STEP 1 - Detach 1-7 Days
    Commitment to stop watching porn is goal number 1 on your list you write to yourself. You allow yourself to masturbate as much as you want, and more, for 7 days straight. No peeking. Do not fantasize about pornography during this time. You do this for one simple reason, to detach your sexual stimulation from pornography. The issue with longer nofap streaks is that you still get cravings for it because the last time you had any heightened pleasure was associated to pornography; your brain very naturally wants to express itself sexually the longer you go without release. And your brain will still subconsciously have mental/spiritual attachments to it and very naturally draw you back. But by masturbating without pornography, you are successfully detaching sex stimulation from pornography. It's not as much dopamine and your brain should acclimate to these much lower less extreme stimulation levels. I'd recommend masturbating without pornography as much as possible during this timeframe. After overindulging in masturbation without porn, you will find very quickly that masturbation is not as enjoyable as porn and get tired of it.

    STEP 2 - Start Streak 8-14 Days (or more)
    After emptying yourself for a week without pornography, begin nofap; no touching, no dirty thoughts (change thought pattern at all costs if necessary). You may be quite tired starting this out for the first 7 days after depleting yourself for the past week. However, you should make this stride much more easily than before. This step is vitally important to complete at least 7 days because you should build up some energy within to begin the next step. Please note, you could go longer during this step if you please.

    STEP 3 - Train Mind - 15-20 Days (at least 3 days minimum)
    For 3-7 days do a liquids-only fast. This is really good in combination with fasting cleanses. You are by default practicing self-discipline by not eating. This exercises your frontal cortex which was destroyed by pornography. You essentially build up more mental capacity to say no to things like pornography by practicing it on saying no to food; something your body needs to survive. Search for Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse online if you struggle with fasting by itself or would like a good cleanse to clear out everything and more.

    After 21 days continue nofap. You will likely be in a flatline which can last depending. Push through flatline till the other side. If you'd like to increase cognitive function/restore your brain faster take a mushroom supplement as mushrooms are really good for your brain (look up Ultimate Shrooms online). Zinc is also very good. Magnesium is very important. Try to eat organic foods and get good quality supplements. Working out and being active outside is great.

    At any time in the future if you feel you may have a potential relapse simply masturbate without the porn; pre-emptively discover that you are on a downward path and do it. If you find yourself slipping DO NOT LOOK AT PORN; just masturbate. And don't fantasize about porn either. If you peek, turn it away as fast as possible and finish masturbating without porn. The entire art Strategic Launch NoFap Program is to remove attachment from pornography, get started on a journey and train your mind to be tolerant to urges. Nofap journey's are 10x more easier when you come at it with an effective plan like this. This also rewires your brain three different ways; detachment from porn, cultivating nofap energy and mental strength building to launch you into flatline. This is your success plan.

    Try it! Please post here if it works for you!
  2. TB4

    TB4 Fapstronaut

    I understand how that would work, but the male brain requires visual stimulation for pleasure it is impossible to mastuburate without it, if you don't use porn then you're using your imagination

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