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  1. I think there should be a section on failed nofap with users describing why it didn't work for them and on the verge of leaving. I find it difficult to believe all of the stories mentioned, some may be telling the truth, some may be exaggerating a little. I am on Day 4 and you may argue I'm feeling this way because I haven't done 30 or 90 days.
    There is some good advice on here but I feel discouraged by the 'success' people apparently write. Or at least admit to some failure instead of '1 million days complete!!!!!!!'.
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    It took me 5 years of small streaks to reach the place where i am now(100+days no PMO). So trust me, it is not just like that. We fought our deamons AND FAILED many times, but the FAILURE gave us strength and wisdom how to overcome the urges. Why cant u belive in our stories? Why would we lie to you? There is no porpuse to do so. And i know why u think like that. U are ADDICTED TO PORN. And your brain DONT want u to stop this addiction, so he reject the TRUTH about nofap. Everything here, what we have expirienced is truth. Maybe some person exagerate, but is it that bad? It made me wanted to reach their level even more! Belive and fight for your soul and salvaition. God be with u bro
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    It's fine, don't stress about it. Coming from someone who only achieved a 30something day streak, I simply used NoFap as a tool for self-improvement. Just live life as is, and don't worry about streaks and other people's success. My wife is still extremely proud of me, even after I broke my streak(she still punished me tho e.e). This is more than attaining a triple digit streak, this can be a stage of life that will open your focking eyes, maybe even the third one. I was a shit human being before I started this tbh, and I will never forget this period of time. I beat my meat some days ago, but I'm not gonna make it a habit again. Do this for you, and focus, don't even bother keeping up with a streak. Go about life , and don't give up.
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    You learn more when you fail compared to when you succeed. I would like a section like that too.
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  5. Ditto.
    5 years, weekly group therapy, lots of individual counseling sessions, repeated failures, escalation even as I was " in recovery" and finally after yet another discovery I finally came clean with all the lies and secrets and got to a place where I knew I was done with this stuff for good. Sure the temptation is still there at times but it finally sank in for me and by the grace of God I'm not going back down that road again. 40 years of broken. 6 months clean. Success story??? Huh...
    I'm just glad to have finally gotten to a place that I can say I'm sober.
    It's a process, it takes time and there's a lot more to it than just quitting pmo for 30, 60 or 90 days.
  6. Lol at this OP....
    Addicted to porn, masturbation and orgasm(pmo) 90 days are nothing let alone 4 days. 4 years with nofap and I finally passed 90 days and now on 8 months harmode. I still aren't fully rebooted... so success stories are real and they got other nofappers motivated to stay away from pmo.
  7. So basically don't trust everything you read but take inspiration from the success of others. That's cool, but people who decide this group hasn't changed them doesn't neccessarily make them opposed to change or worse off people. They could replace PMO with another addictive behaviour such as online shopping or gambling. The whole idea that PMO is bad isn't always the case, just too much of it is.
  8. I take back what I've said, maybe it's not about the streak as you've mentioned but this group has positive and proactive advice so I'm gonna try stick with it and discard the negativity.
    Thanks dudes.
  9. Pornography is bad. Always. I used to lie to myself and think I was like a social drinker with porn.
    A purveyor of the beauty that was displayed but certainly not in excess.
    Truth #1.
    Use of porn will always escalate. Always. You are no exception, you don't get a special pass and you're not smarter than every other man who has believed he was.
    Truth #2.
    Pornography is always exploitative. The stories of the women AND men who have come out of the porn industry are heart breaking. Even the "amateur" porn and homemade sex videos that are posted on line. It is most often for money and at the very least it is a level of exposure that degrades their own or another's worth. And that's not even going down the road of the truly evil stuff that is out there. Violence, rape, kids, animals... Oh but you'd never go there right? See Truth#1.
    I don't care what argument you want to come with, I've already made it to myself to justify my use of porn.
    There is no justification for what pornography and prostitution and the sex chatting and hooking up will do to you as a person and to those exploited by it. The porn industry is the biggest and most powerful pimp that has ever walked the planet and can deliver anything you can dream of and will show you stuff you wouldn't even dare to dream of. All it asks in return is your soul. Just hand over the keys to your brain and emotional sanity and it'll hook you up with a constant drip of pleasure. Oh and your time, maybe a tiny bit of money, it'll need some of that. Just a little at first. Not a big investment, as it doesn't want to scare you off. And even if you run, it knows you'll be back because it already has the keys, remember? That was the small price it asked for at the beginning, and you probably didn't even see that in the fine print with all that excitement on the screen.
    If you have an argument against what I'm saying please share your thoughts and let's discuss it. I am not here to judge and certainly can relate to wanting it to be a little bit okay. Been there, done that.
    I'm glad you're going to stick around and stay in the battle.
    I look forward to your success!
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    Go and read the Reset and Relapse Reports forum. That should make you feel on top of the world again! :rolleyes:
  11. I agree with EVERY word you have typed out. Thanks for the response man I have screenshotted and will be sure to re-read your comments when I feel the urge to PMO. I have no argument but just an admission.

    Today on a Saturday with no plans in the morning I unblocked my adult content filter and looked for one video I could get some relief to after 5 days of abstaining. I set myself 10 minutes max. 10 minutes turned into 1 hour and from looking at oral scenes I escalated to searching for school girl oral (portrayed by a famous pornstar) but it sickened me after that I searched for 'schoolgirl' on one of the main porn sites. So I ended up searching for an hour then I came within a few minutes after deciding that was the 'right' video for my final pleasure / dopamine hit. I felt relief quickly followed by a feeling of emptiness and shame. The only good thing was that I didn't think about masturbating for the rest of the day.
    I know I have some kind of depression and PMO addiction (once or twice a week towards escalation) but I always keep coming back to it because my life sucks and I am short and not good looking with few friends and family, so I turn to comfort food and short lived pleasures like PMO, social drinking and shopping. I have been doing PMO for about 15 years, I am now 34 and know I have wasted my life since I split with my ex when I was 21. I haven't had a gf since and keep getting belittled at work being the nice guy who eventually turns passive-aggressive struggling to turn into a 'proper man'.
    Although I am grateful for the essential things I have right now in life, I live day to day with mood swings and brain fog. I know I need some discipline, consistency and focus in my life in order to change - I keep failing but hopefully I will make the conscious effort to enjoy life and perhaps find a partner again.
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    you're still lucky, usually worse. I myself was in such a situation

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