Failure, look at it the rigth way.

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    I don't know if this will this will to help to anyone, but I hope it will. At least it helps me.

    People often think of failure as something evil. Something that did not work out, and may destroy or fuck with your life.

    But we have to understand failure. Expect it, welcome it. Trough failure you get all the answers you needed. So don't fear to fail. Instead fear not trying.

    I myself have been angry at myself, because I fucked up so many things in my life. But going trough the situations in my head, I can see what I did wrong. And now I know it to an other time. If I did not push myself to face my fear, and fail - how could I ever know what I could do better for an other time?

    Failure is the most powerfull tool you can use. Have failure ever killed you no?

    For example: You ask a girl if she wants to go on a date. She says no, for what ever reason. But at least you tried. You failed. But look at the situation, what could you have done different? It will also become a lot easier to ask an other girl out, when you have become a lot better version of yourself, after you have learnt from earlier fails in your life.

    I really recommend watching this video; it explains it really well, and made a lot of sense to me.


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