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  1. Hello all,

    To my astonishment I have gone 15 days no PMO. I have struggled with addictions for many years but I am slowly ticking them off one by one. Infact if I can overcome this one then the only one I will have left to address is with sugar. I have decided to take a similar approach to this as I have with my recovery from alcohol and drug addiction (to which I have been abstinent 2.5 years), and apply some spiritual principles to practicing abstinence.

    Before November 2016 I was vehemently agnostic and closed minded about all things to do with faith and spirituality. However since that time I have grown to become a person who considers their faith to essential to their life and I pray every night religiously.

    I have recently altered my usual pray to take account of my new endeavours to quit PMO and as with all the things I have previously applied a spiritual principle to, it seems to be working, so far.

    I am immensely grateful that my mind was opened enough to allow in a higher power which has enabled to grow as a person and has supported me through things that without a shadow of a doubt would have left my powerless to resolve on my own.

    I am also grateful that there are some people within the NoFap community who also hold dearly their faith and spiritual values and I look forward to connecting with you in spirit throughout the rest of my journey.

    Stay blessed.

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