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  1. My friends have left me. Each and every one of my family members are slowly detaching from me too. One even suspected I was on drugs...if only I could tell them it was PMO...any help would be appreciated :(
  2. Just to clarify I've never done drugs but because of the way porn and masturbation has affected my brain my family member thinks it may be drugs...
  3. hello, I think you should try telling them and ask for help, if they mock you or anything then consider they are not worth it. The best thing is to find someone to help you fighting this, if you are a christian go to a church and talk to the priest or if you are not a believer go to a therapist/ a support group. there are lots of groups like the SAA where you can find comfort and help. I assure you it will get better, you got this man!
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    If you know your trueself you don't take drugs then you have nothing to worry about. JUst let them think all they want. Stay strong my friend.
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    Let them go. A bigger blessing is coming.
  6. Thank you for the love and support my brothers; y'all are a blessing. Hope you guys are doing well in this journey I'm close to finishing my first day!

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