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Famous actor speaks about his s. addiction

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by green lion eating the sun, May 23, 2022.

  1. I found myself in many things that this famous actor said about his s. addiction, not everything but wow

    It is sort of comforting having a reminder from time to time that we are not alone in struggling with p. and s. addiction and these are much more spread issues that we realize sometimes

    i am going to reach 4 years of sobriety from p and s addiction in a few months but it is important when people talk publicly about these issues
  2. Peiskos

    Peiskos Fapstronaut

    Its good to watch these kinds of things to realize that even celebrities aren't immune to addiction to porn/sex and issues that come with it, another one is Terry Crews who was addicted to porn for years and it nearly ruined his marriage, this is just one of many videos of him talking about it.

  3. yes he was the first famous person that I found speaking about these addictions. So much respect for this man, truly. truly enlightening and comforting

    i wanted to buy the book he wrote about what he went through
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  4. I actually feel bad for some celebrities that cave in their addictions, although one “celebrity” I don’t feel any pitty for. I apologize but she has had a bad attitude in interviews I’ve seen and her language acts for it. It’s good she reveals so she’s not alone, but in my mind somewhere it’s for fans to sink in more towards her and feel sorry for her..
  5. IR254

    IR254 Fapstronaut

    This just shows that sex and porn addiction specificly, but also addiction in general, can affect pretty much anybody. I hope society will stop labeling addicts as bad people eventually, when they realize the issue is much more wide-spread than they think. Celebrities talking about it may be a good way to spread the message.
  6. some addicts are not good people but we are all different. I think every human has good and bad within themselves but they choose their own path
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  7. it is important not to dwell on this too much though but focus on everyday progress and goals

    to move on and allow ourselves to flourish and be the best we can be

    otherwise there is risk to stay stuck in what you did wrong and wish so much you could have changed
    and that can be truly demoralizing at times

    personally I followed the 12 steps in recovery. you can really feel by hearing famous people talking about alcoholism,
    s. addiction, p. addiction how all addictions share common grounds and are very similar among each other
    and that sobriety is achievable
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