Famous celibates, temporary or long-term

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  1. In this world we live in, it might be good to remind ourselves that celibacy can be a good thing! Or at least, not a big deal.

    Isaac Newton, scientist
    Thomas Merton, monk and writer
    Nikola Tesla, inventor
    Martin Luther, monk and religious reformer
    Gotama Buddha, you know the guy
    Elizabeth I, virgin Queen

    Feel free to list any more. I'll do the same.
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    Shah rukh Khan (actor)
    Vikas Khanna (chef)
    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam( president,scientist)
  3. Immanuel Kant, philosopher
    Pythagoras, philosopher
    Andy Warhol, artist
    Joan of Arc, heroine
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  4. Mile Tyson, thought to be the best Boxer in the world in his Prime. From about 15 to 20 years of age in the 80s. At the start of his career. Shortly after, if I remember well, he got into drugs and parties, fasly accused of rape and send to prison. Then he never did celibacy again and never become great again.
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    Tyson's celebacy is quite debatable because he was forced into it
    He himself admitted he was addicted to prostitutes......
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  6. Haha. You can see his energy on camera.

    Yes a poor quality celibacy but nonetheless something achieved. I believe him to have been slowly fantisizing mentally. So he was boilling up. Combined with similar irritation inducing habits, he became an angry, irritated and lustful wreck.

    There is no retention if one fantisises. Every thought releases hormones around and start chain chemical reaction. You can even feel it.
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  7. This might be going slightly off-topic but while we're on the subject, I remember watching a documentary about Muhammad Ali.

    At one point he got somewhat addicted to prostitutes and his boxing ability declined sharply as a result.
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    So.... If you are a celibate virgin... You are very successful... That's the trend... Interesting....
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  9. Well many could have busted a few times. But they surely let their power add up for a long period of time which is where they forged themselves.
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    Retention alone does not do anything
    It just saves the time for other productive activities
    But if you are an athlete.....then it will help you.....a lot
  11. I think retention alone does help, especially if you can channel the energy into positive things, not just athletic endeavours.
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  13. Reverent

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    I can actually name more non celibate athletes at the top of thier games' than celibate ones.
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  14. I hope they're not freemasons : ))
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    Strange comment. - peace
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    Jesus of Nazareth--Religious reformer, spiritual teacher, proponent of non-violence
    Mohandas K. Ghandi--Indian independence leader/organizer, proponent of non-violent civil disobedience
    Sri Ramakrishna--Indian saint and spiritual teacher
    Henry David Thoreau--American philosopher and writer, proponent of non-violent civil disobedience
    The Dalai Lama--Tibetan spiritual leader, proponent of non-violence
    Peace Pilgrim--American philosopher and spiritual teacher, proponent of world disarmament and non-violence
    Christopher McCandles aka Alexander Supertramp--American transient and philosopher
    Ram Dass aka Richard Alpert--American spiritual teacher
    Noah Levine (temporary)--American Buddhist teacher and innovator of Buddhist based recovery program
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  17. Maybe a lot of the non-celibate athletes abstain at important times?
  18. u376

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    Celibacy is one of many factors
    Those other athletes must be training very hard
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    Oops, wrong context. I was talking about semen retention.

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