Fap or NoFap before driving test?

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    In a five days from now I will have a driving test, I really want to pass it instantly for the first time, and my question is should I jerk off before the exam or maybe should I stay on NoFap hard Mode (14 days now, 19 days in a day of the test). I hear that fapping before exam can reduce stress, make me stay more focused and more aware on the road. .. On the other hand being in a NoFap Mode makes me extremely confident,I don't care so much and don't think about all of this with fear. Today when I was on a driving lesson my driving teacher told me that my style of driving was extremely changed since our last lesson. I drive faster, and with much more confidence in myself, I realised that is caused by my streak. Soo what Will you do being in my situation?

    PS. I don't have any strong urges to fap, don't treat it like a reason for me to go back to fapping cause I just want to know which option is better.

  2. With nofap I have noticed improved memory and focus. Qualities which I have experienced to improve performance greatly. If you have trouble focusing because of abstinence or horniness. It will help to do things which require energy and/or focus. Such as exercise, creative hobbies and meditaton.

    You said yourself that you feel more confident driving. Therefore, isn't it reasonable to assume that you will feel more confident doing the test? :)

    Btw, I myself have a driving test very soon, what a coincidence:D. Stay strong brother!
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    Stick with NoFap. Cuz fapping before a test drains your energy and can temporarily make you numb and less energetic and less alert.

    Just meditate before the test and stay confident and calm.
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    There are no benefits fapping grants you. If you masturbate you will regret it, and you will remember it during your test which affects your focus. I took my driving test last November and failed it at first and then a week later got it right. I had been on hardmode for over 2 months during then and kept thinking how I glad I was that I quit masturbating. Remember to be relaxed when driving just as if you were driving with anyone else or alone.
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    I wish you good luck on test mate!
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    Fapping for me always mean 2 days of absolutely terrible focus. There is just no situation where that would help you mate, it's the addict talking :)
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