Fapping encourages you to keep failing in life

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vulkan, Mar 18, 2018.

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    I noticed by observing myself: Masturbation can be misused as a coping mechanism for bad feelings or failure. A pattern is created in the brain:
    failure -> orgasm

    The solution would be, to improve in life and feel good naturally.
    But when this pattern is established, we behave like drug addicts who hide from life.

    Even worse, our brains learned, that when we have such bad feelings that we can´t stand them anymore or fail, we are rewarded with orgasm!

    That´s why we have trouble living the path of success, because something in us craves and deepens negativity (and weird fetishes that make us feel bad).

    Let´s instead face the ups and downs in life and longterm we will be naturally happy.

    From another website (agree so much with it):

    Not only does chronic fapping screw up your brain chemistry, but also it encourages you to keep embracing failure, because failure is associated with higher occurrences of fapping. Your mind knows that once you embrace a sense of failure, then it won't be long before you jerk off. And ultimately that is your mind's goal. It wants you to orgasm, and repeatedly fapping have taught it to think that fapping is sex. Your brain is just following its programmed reproductive strategy when it encourages you to hate yourself and think about what a fuck up you are. Even though it hurts your feelings and makes you unhappy, your brain douses these self-loathing fires with gasoline because it knows that once the self-loathing gets so intense that you feel like you're gonna die, THATS when you're going to fap, and THATS when your brain thinks you're going to 'reproduce'.

    By fapping when you're sad, or frustrated, or angry, or depressed, you are rewarding failure. You're rewarding bad feelings. You're creating a self-sustaining feedback loop between negative feelings and 'reproduction'. So don't fap, because the more you fap, the more you're going to hate yourself and think you're not fit to be seen by others. Your brain is going to make self-loathing the only personality trait it will allow you to have, because your dumb brain thinks self-loathing is the best personality trait to get reproduction done.
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    Yes! I agree. That's why I think it's smart to use it to your benefit - that is, whenever urges strike, we need to slow down and try to figure out where they come from. What they are trying to compensate. In most cases they come from some sort of failure/frustration. Fapping is the reaction we have to cope with such failures but NOT reverting them or turning them into success.

    That's why I believe the first weeks are the toughest: you are left to fight your fears and weaknesses without you coping mechanism.

    Good thing you noticed it - now, capitalize on it!
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  3. Fapping tricks your brain into thinking you are getting more sex than you actually are, which is why you should abstain. If you fap 3 times a day to videos of say 5 different women, your body literally starts thinking you have a harem and 12 kids to provide for, and thus changes your physiology to cope for that. Basically your body tries to make you a beta providor. This is good if you have kids, and need to put food on the table, but is nothing but fail if you are a single man, as it makes you complacent, and robs you of your testosterone.
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  4. "we behave like drug addicts"... I'll like to comment. We ARE drug addicts because we are addicted to the pleasure chemical: Dopamine.... just exactly how heroin/cocaine addicts are also addicted to the SAME chemical: Dopamine. The only difference is how we use dopamine. Heroin addicts use heroin to get high from dopamine. Cocaine addicts use cocaine to get high from dopamine. We use orgasms to get high from dopamine.
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    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with this statement. I've had this for personal experience, it sucks. Why feel the burn of failure, when you can just feel good with the release of Dopamine?
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