Fapping in sleep?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Тайлер, Apr 20, 2018.

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    [Possible trigger warning.]

    This week, I've already had two wet dreams, but last night, I'd felt something a bit different. I'd dreamt that I was fapping, and when I woke up, I found myself with my hand in my pants fapping, so this really messed with my head, thinking if it was conscious or not, so I just really wanted some insight to know if I need to restart from day one. The guilt has really affected me for a bit of my morning. Thanks.
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  2. Hey man. If it was unconcious, then it couldnt be helped and is therefore not a relapse.
  3. Had it happen in the past...your mind fucks with you...power through and dont feel guilty it was out of your control
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    Same happening with me
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    Dude, don't be hard on yourself, this is not conscious.

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    It would be nice if people would not use curse words on this site, it would be a nice world ! Last nite guys, I woke up with a hard erection that lasted for abt 30 mins. I do go to gymn each day and drink garlic tea often. No PMO issues. Last nite no nocturnal emissions, I just don't have them. The gentleman that posted his dilemma..---we are not culpable for nocturnal emissions. What I can't figure out, how can one be massaging his private part while sleeping? I had a couple of times, that after urinating in middle of nite, had small enjaculations after laying down, bizzare I admit!

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