Fapping Is Healthy. (Not Kidding)

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    Let's get straight to the point. Porn is bad, masturbation is good. And orgasm, WHY WOULD YOU NOT HAVE IT? See, you are a normal human being. Masturbation and orgasms are normal parts of life. Even monkeys and apes are found doing that. And it is suggested to do it regularly too, although without porn. If you are addicted to porn, start masturbating without looking at it whenever you get urges.
    Soon you'll be living the life our ancestors did. Just like sex, masturbation is interconnected with better health. Why would you make a fuss about it? And even on day 100 of pmo there would be no change except your prostrate gland being very inactive which would potentially increase the chances of having prostrate cancer in future.

    To all the hardcore 'NoFappers', rouse from the enigma you are residing in. You won't touch the epitome of human health by not masturbating. And to the general masturbators, Don't worry-Be happy. There are already more than 95% of male who masturbate in the whole world. If you feel like you masturbate excessively, dont worry too much. Just like if you eat your favourite foid too much, you'll have slight stomachache, masturbating too much makes you feel a bit weird. But its normal. No one 'dies' due to masturbation. Cheers buddies. Stop porn, Start masturbating. :)
    PS. what's up? I just wanted to clarify my thoughts so I provided a link to a trusted site, which too got removed! Anyway, here's it once more.
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    However, as the Hewletts document in their 2010 study, Western sexual patterns, including our frequent masturbation, are unusual by cross-cultural standards. The Hewletts arrived at this conclusion in part by studying the sexual behavior of two central African cultures. They were astonished to learn that neither the Aka nor the Ngandu were aware of masturbation:

    They laughed as we tried to explain and describe the sexual activities. We thought that maybe they were shy or embarrassed individuals, but this would have been uncharacteristic of the Aka we had known so long. ...

    It was difficult to explain self-stimulation to the Aka. They found it unusual and said it may happen far away in Congo, but they did not know it. A specific word did not exist for it. We asked men, in particular, about masturbating before they were married or during the post-partum sex taboo and all indicated this did not occur. ... [emphasis added]

    Masturbation also appears to be rare in other forest areas. We asked Robert Bailey ... about his experiences of trying to collect semen for fertility studies from Lese men in the Ituri forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He indicated it was very difficult to explain to men how to selfstimulate to obtain semen samples. He said that despite explicit and lengthy instructions three of four semen specimens came to him mixed with vaginal secretions. pp. 113-114
  4. Well, we have learnt here that our dopamine-fuelled reward circuit has been massively over stimulated to fake sex. This clearly includes porn in all it's forms. So, how about masturbation? Notice what the article you referenced said about it:
    So, contrary to your premise in this thread, masturbation contributes to the porn addiction by stimulating the very same neurochemicals! After the addict's brain has healed, some masturbation may be fine, even good. But not while rebooting.
  5. Too much masturbation did overstimulate my dopomine receptors and just generally fucked up my hormone levels in a body. The result was huge acne all over my back, insomnia, migraines, depression, social anxiety, just overall anxiety in general, procrastination and lack of desire to do anything productive. On top of all the hormone related health problems too much masturbation causes it also is mentally addictive. Porn was involved in all of it but the main problem for me was excessive masturbation. It might be safe if done in small amounts. But that it is healthy in amounts everybody does it? Bullshit. If we go by the same logic tho then watching porn is also fine in moderation. Maybe even healthy, right? I don't really see much difference between porn and masturbation. Both are ways how to fool our brain that we are having sex, in a way that is unnatural. Both are addictive and can cause, with some slight differences, pretty much the same problems physically and mentally.
  6. You're kidding me. Not this foolish propaganda to have us all mind controlled robots just wasting away again. Masturbation is wrong. End of convo.
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    Myth # 1 - "You can't cut back on masturbation without harming yourself"
    Thousands of guys (and even some gals) are discovering that cutting out masturbation to porn, and temporarily abstaining from/drastically reducing masturbation are actually resulting in the opposite of harm or repressed sexual response—namely, surprising benefits.
    Myth # 3 - "Orgasm is orgasm"
    Since the time of Kinsey it has been asserted, but never supported by evidence, that all sexual behavior is equivalent. That has been more an assertion of ideology than fact. —Stuart Brody, research psychologist
    Myth # 4 - "Frequent masturbation benefits your sex life"
    Did you know that greater masturbation frequency is associated with impaired sexual function in both men and women,
  8. Get out of here. You are spreading misinformation and lies. In fact, you might even be a paid troll by the porn industry to spread misinformation.
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    Someone get this guy a tinfoil hat.
  10. Look, I could see if he said relapsing once or masterbating once in a while is OK for you, but he straight up says that masterbating multiple times a day isn't bad, but good for you. Complete ludicrous is what I say. You are just as bad if you believe this troll.
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    you don't think the multibillion dollar porn industry wouldn't do that? Or fund 'studies' saying it is good for you?

    I am not saying the OP is a paid troll but the possibility exists, and given the behavior of other lobbies, quite likely happening somewhere.
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    Is there really a big difference between fapping to porn and fapping to fantasies?

    The fantasies grow increasingly perverted. And you grow increasingly perverted as a result.

    No, fuck fapping! It fucking ruined my life! I'm never ever going back to doing that shit and I don't want others to be drawn into it.
  13. Yep, like you said, all I am saying is that it is a possibility, but unfortunately, many choose to live in their fairy tale world while their reality is destroyed before them in ways so tiny but significant by the most evil, cruel of this world. These are the type of people that will literally cook a baby on a BBQ, not joking. And these are the type of people running this world, pulling the strings. Once you have seen true evil, there is no going back to "fairy" land.
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    I find impossible to masturbate without thinking in porn For me it's like the two things goes together. Masturbating while fantasazing porn scenarios it's the same as watching porn.
    If you are trying to recover and reboot you can be seroius posting things like that.
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    Stop making threads like FAPPING IS HEALTHY!
    Definition of Healthy:
    Definition of healthy

    1. 1 : free from disease or pain : enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit : well healthy children tips for staying healthy

    2. 2 : showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being : evincing health a healthy complexion has a healthy appetite

    3. 3 : beneficial to one's physical, mental, or emotional state : conducive to health healthy foods a healthy lifestyle walk three miles every day … a
    4. beastly bore, but healthy — G. S. Patton
    I dont think im enjoying health and in a state of well-being, Feeling depressed and tired as fuck after fapping. Seriously these threads should just stop. It shouldnt even be a discussion if fapping is good or not. If you think fapping is good for you your just in denial of your addiction.
    By making threads like this you are only bring us CLOSER to masturbating therefore making the chance of us relapsing, We have to brainwash ours selves to see that masturbating is bad so we wont do it. Or at least i think this.
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    I'm not a fan of making things so black and white. The line between moderation and excess is drawn in a different place for everybody, for every activity.

    While I am hoping to abstain from porn in the future, I don't think that occasional (or even frequent) use of porn is inherently bad. Some people and couples handle long-term, regular doses of porn just fine. I and everyone else on this forum are presumably not in that camp, which is why we're here. Similarly, I believe that humans evolved to be able to masturbate effectively and that it's not an accident though which we "fool" our brains into thinking we're having sex. But that doesn't mean that uninhibited masturbation is good. It's just easier to masturbate without limit when isolated, sedentary lives can be fallen into so quickly.

    I haven't been here for long, but I'm shocked at the number of teenagers who are afraid of masturbating or think their dicks will fall off if they have one orgasm. The important part is to understand your own mind and body and establish where that line is going to be drawn before things really start going south. I don't think that abolishing masturbation entirely from one's life is the right way to do that.

    I hate menshealth.com articles though, lol.
  18. Why are you here
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    This is a serious message:
    Go fuck yourself
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