Fapping Is Healthy. (Not Kidding)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by GroveStreet4Life, May 14, 2017.

  1. I don't understand :confused:
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    What kind of question is that? Use thou brain.

    Porn/masturbation > low motivation > lethargy > missing opportunities > depression > losing job > girlfriend cheats on you on a black guy with 9 inch dick > suicide.

    No porn/masturbation > forced to go out > talk to some chicks > after trial and error score someone > ego boost > suddenly you excel at other parts of life > more energy > accomplishments > etc etc.

    One is low vibration, the other high.
  3. on 150 I was just beginning to feel truly rebooted. It was a pretty good time all round. Since then life has been fairly constant, but life isn't always constant lol, things change all the time.
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  4. You're a staff member. How about do your job and report this. He could be convincing other people to MO. Instead of making fucking memes do your job and do something about it "moderator"
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    close and remove this tread please. What the fuck is this crap here.
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    Come on guys, chill out. I'm just expressing my standpoint, just trying to reveal the enigma. I said masturbation is healthy, its natural. And YES, orgasm releases feel-good hormone. I'm not comparing it with cocaine, although it too releases the same hormone. But the effect on body differs, to a great extent. See, if masturbation is a source of affliction for you, I recommend you to do what NoFap says, which you are doing at the moment :) I did it too, but the difference between me and you is that, you are doing it to get rid of masturbation as a whole, whereas I did it to just get rid of the addiction. It is addiction that bounds you in internal-havoc.
    Anyway, whoever said I'm sponsored by a porn industry, wtf. Why would they? Even if they did, I would've atleast suggested their name. And don't forget I even discouraged watching porn.
    FYI I have left porn. I have totally forgotten what it tastes like. You can't pursue happiness brothers, neither if you leave masturbation, nor if you leave having orgasms. Only the level of your happiness would increase. I find it eccentric that 'moderators' would always discourage such thoughts because that would result lack of trust in fapstronauts towards NoFap. Relax, its the people what you're working for, let them decide what they want. You can't 'force' someone not to express their thoughts.
    Ps. If you think leaving masturbation or orgasms for life would make you a better person, drop it. You are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You just gotta realize it. Cheers!
  7. "You cannot be improved. You just gotta realize it."
    You for real? Dude, just give it up already. Keep it to yourself, and also: go fuck yourself, literally.
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    Instead of seeing our point of view or trying to comprehend why you upset people with your statement, you're doubling down? Again, you're encouraging and even telling people to masturbate. calling it healthy and natural is not a valid argument. Testosterone converts to dht that in turn attach themselves to hair follicles on your scalp and cause them to die off. that doesn't seem healthy to me. to me masturbation causes disgust and self loathing. A man that cannot control his urges lacks self control and discipline. Masturbation is a shitty substitute for sex. You've quite the audacity to say "you cannot be improved". Just as you said "you can't force someone to not express their thoughts" the same i say to you that you can't force others to agree your point of view. I do however respect your freedom of speech. But your point of view is wrong. if you want to masturbate, that's your business. Don't try to pedal that on to others who are here to better themselves. This site is called NoFap for a reason. Masturbation is fapping in case you missed it.
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    If a monkey does it than we humans must definitely do!A monkey with two neurons compared to a human!What?Wow
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  10. @GroveStreet4Life is not breaking any rules. People are allowed to advocate masturbation, even porn use, just they aren't allowed to directly encourage an individual to relapse. NoFap does not try to suppress people with different opinions. As for my reply, moderators are allowed to contribute to debates too. I thought a picture expressed how I feel about the original post quite well.
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    You're such a troll. Love it.
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    That's why I said you should get rid of the addiction, not the activity as a whole. And, I didn't even use the word 'must', how can I force you to do what I want. And those who tell me to fuck myself, they are already fucked up by their addiction- just like me some months ago. But thanks to NoFap, I am no longer an addict. Addiction is the source of every problem. When you get addicted to drugs, you gradually sabotage your life. When you get addicted to someone, you become totally dependent on him/her and they could even become the cause of your destruction. But I'm talking about the general act.
  13. LIKE LIKE LIKE There should be different like levels.
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  14. Whatever floats or sinks your boat man.
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  15. :D:D:p:):confused::cool:
    [​IMG] Everything gets wobbly for me once in a whilee..
  16. Now time to watch fear and loathing in vegas, how do you do such thing?
  17. but hey mans, everything in moderation right? like dat OPee pee said lmao OH God what a wonderful day!
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  19. I can't put into words how angry this thread makes me. Fuck masturbation. I hate how people think science is the end all be all. Why can't people just try stuff out for themselves instead of reading the studies all the time. Not masturbating changed my life for the better.
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  20. Agreed

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