Fapping Is Healthy. (Not Kidding)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by GroveStreet4Life, May 14, 2017.

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    I use to feel like junk when I fapped or right after I fap versus me not fapping at all & feeling at my best all the time . I've never felt so great in my life mentally & physically / that's without fapping ... so how is fapping healthy if we hear constant stories on how crappy masturbation makes you feel ?

    It is not healthy . But to each his own, live your life the way you feel... just don't promote false information .
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    The OP presents a straw man argument at best. I'll explain by drawing the obvious parallel to alcoholism. Would it make sense to post the link to a study promoting the benefits of drinking wine in an AA forum? Not unless you were trying to rile up the masses by introducing a completely irrelevant statement under the guise of being "scientifically proven" as a means of defense.

    Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a clear goal by posting said irrelevant study to a group of porn addicts other than to start controversy.
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