Farewell my friends! 40 DAYS NO INTERNET CHALLENGE

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  1. My friends!
    Last sunday I posted a 40 days or more of no internet.
    Been having trouble focusing as I think I have some forms of Adult Add and been procrastination with the time i am given.
    I exercise and eat well and do all that jazz but i know i can be more productive .
    Starting this new journey on monday , If i decided to make it 51 days it will be my birthday by then.
    So internet free at least 40.
    NoFap day 70 and gonna keep trucking.

    I think internet is just as an addiction than anything so if anyone wants to join me. Monday is the start day. I be on here only until sunday. And will possible make a small journal entrys of my new challenge after time has passed.

    Much Love
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  2. I hope it works out! See you in a few weeks.

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