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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by DonkeyKong22, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I have always made a conscious effort to avoid anything stereotypically labelled as addictive, drugs, gambling etc. but feeling bitter and frustrated with myself that I stumbled across a porn/masturbation addiction which has increased in severity between the age of 16 and 24. But as well a linking masturbation to memory ie the laptop and being home alone I think a big part for me is the quick high. I'm not claiming to be depressed but if I have a day that could have been better or I am a bit down I think I see masturbation as a fast way to experience a high. I believe this is similar to someone with an eating problem.
    So has anyone discovered any other satisfying highs or taken any hobbies up since NoFap. Exercise seems to be a common solution
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    I will tell you a great secret. I can relate to everything you say. However, you can make it such that you see your laptop and think about coming on this site and lifting up some poor soul such as me at a time when you are both having a tough day. When you are actively on this site making comments you will reach a point where your vision becomes clear again for a time and you are more stable. This is really cool because now it is not all about will power for your success but your vision actually makes you have more will power.

    A cool thing is just like porn takes no effort other than laying in bed and typing on your laptop, so 'working' on this site takes the same effort. I can honestly say it now gives me a high to really immerse myself in others experiences and try to make some helpful words of encouragement and insights. I can honestly say that during my down times I have developed a habit of reaching out on this site and yesterday when I couldn't find my computer to the drunks downtown (took one to a movie!) and it provides me with a high that is independent on anybody else letting me down. I wish you this good fortune and know you will do it!
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    well now Im into Calisthenis, everytime I can do one more pull from my last time I get a high tha actually makes me feel good about myself, very proud so come joyn Calisthenis

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