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  1. For the past month or so, I have been fasting twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays, taking in only a protein drink in the morning and one in the evening plus water thru the day. Have dropped from 194 to 186 lbs. My workouts are better, libido increased, firmer erections, and better control of urges. Any bros have similar experience?
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    Fasting has definitely helped me in the past. Intermittent fasting in particular. Feel more focused.
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    I've never had much success with tried fasting but when I unintentionally fast I witnessed miracles...............

    Would you believe I was this really awkward person with the most horrible skin and eyes. It was so bad people around me would get creeped out by the sight of me. I not only scared little kids but people I knew in the past like friends/& relatives. Wherever I go esp on subway trains people would give me the eye. I have been called freak, zombie, ugly, nasty, pilky and just about any other name you can think of. Then one day at 19, living alone and with no money to buy food and this went on for I don't know 3 days, a week or two perhaps? Suddenly, I felt a huge change happen inside me in an instant. I felt my eyes were wide and sharp and my skin was all better. (I didn't even have to look in a mirror for any confirmation I just knew it.) I walked into an internet cafe with absolute confidence, piercing eyes and spirit and the woman at the counter literally fell over her knees. She was shocked at my powerful appearance and overwhelming aura. I bet she wanted me bad but she was aleast 10-15 years older.

    Something like this happened to me twice in my life, both times I was unintentionally fasting. Over the years I've tried to repeat this experience with no success. Mostly because I was never put into a situation where I was forced to fast. There was always food somewhere or money I can buy food from my monthly welfare/disability cheque. When I tried to intentionally fast I never had the tenacity to go very long. I just can't do it anymore esp if I've to force myself. I've been too addicted to food. I eat whenever I am hungry, whenever I feel like it or even whenever I don't feel like it.

    My mom makes it even harder cause she is the close-minded type that thinks eating all the time is suppose to be healthy. According to her, I would end up dying if I didn't eat for longer than half a day. It would be impossible to go on a streak while she is around.

    If nofap is like going monk mode, fasting is like going god mode. Meaning next to impossible. Afterall, very few can achieve what Jesus did. The reason why fasting is not popular cause very few can ever muster the will to do it. The thought of not eating for more than a day scares the shit out of most or a least makes them super uncomfortable. That is why there are not many to share their success story around or start a whole forum devoted on it like nofap. As for me, I will just never have the discipline or be put in the situation where I am without food for several days.
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    I have done water fasting several times and they never really did me good,the longest i did was 4 days.
    I do prefer intermittent fasting though
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    I'm into fasting a lot. Definitely helps with decreasing urges. But it's also healthy in other ways; cleanses the body from old and damaged cells through Autophagy, gives digestive system a rest so body can use energy for healing, etc (you don't really get those benefits though if you are consuming calories, such as protein drinks). I've fasted on nothing but water for more than 4 days as well as practiced one meal a day, intermittent fasting. Fasting is super healthy.
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    Definitely agree... i was personally doing IF before i knew it was 'a thing'.. :)
    Generally i have evening meal at 7pm, then 16 hours later have morning tea/lunch.. then evening meal at 7pm again (during 8 hour period)
    Then repeat.. (never felt better)
    Eat during 8 hour period and fast for 16 hours)
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