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  1. Don't you dare make fun of Monster Ultras. God tier beverages
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    Debate over. Winner declared.
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  4. hey queen, you dropped this *hands you a kidney stone*
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  5. the lore is great but the gameplay sucks
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    Le funny yellow dog has arrived.
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    I grew up when games didn’t have in app purchases, passes, expansion packs, paywalls, chests, gold, pay to win. Games were made to be actually good rather than just appealing to the lowest common denominator that don’t even play video games. Now these games are very, very hard to find.
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    I don't have fixed choice but for now it's 'No man's sky'. I love the idea of travelling in infinite space and exploring different planets.
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    Anyone for Crash Bandicoot and Dino Crisis??
    Those were the days...:cool:
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  10. Nevermind what I said previously - Horizon Zero Dawn is the best fckn game I've ever had the absolute pleasure to play. A game devoid of any flaws. I'm a Witcher fan forever but HZD takes the cake, sorry Wild Hunt, sorry Blood And Wine, sorry Skyrim and my childhood memories of Wind Waker, HZD is the best of them all
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    Best Game ever is Witcher 3
  12. Ok you make a very valid point - forget what I literally just said, HZD and W3 are BOTH equally the best games ever lol
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    Never played HZD
  14. Highly recommend it. The story is beyond incredible, the combat is spectacular, and the gameplay beyond satisfying. And on top of that, it's funny, and Aloy is a complex character that is extremely well written.
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    Thanks i will probably look at it since im on hollidays now
  16. And I forgot, the score!! Absolutely beautiful. It was for free on the PS4 store recently, but I'm sure you can find it for cheap in second hand :) If you can find it for 15 bucks, it's the best value you'll ever get. It took me 60h to completely 100% it in Story mode, so it's probably less if you want just the story, it's a HUUUUGE game
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    Aloy's redesign in the new game is a bold artistic choice.
  18. Would still smash
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    Seems like a good game to play during Hollidays since there will be probably a new lockdown where i live(Pray not)

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    He does not need your love, he needs your D O N A T I O N S .


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