Favourite childhood cartoon

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  1. Subzero-32

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    Slam dunk comes to my mind first, It was my favourite show
  2. Poseidon

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  3. klava

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    I love Disney cartoons. It's even hard for me to single out one or more favorites. I have a son, look at transformers and Mickey. He also likes Chip and Dale rushes to the rescue. Of course I sit down next to each other and we watch cartoons. I used to buy a lot of mulson cDs. Now with the advent of IPTV it has become easier. We have connected a set-top box such as https://www.infomir.eu/ to their TV and cartoons online we can broadcast for days.
  4. Hell yeah! I love that show, i own both seasons on dvd
  5. My favorits was the Batman animated series,but i also loved Spiderman, x-men, ducktales and as i said in my othe post, darkwing duck (i have the whole intro song memorized lol)

    I am feeling nostalgic now :)
  6. Ooo and i almost forgot Pinky and the Brain
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  7. Tiresias

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    Heck yeah. That was a terrific show
  8. Black fog

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    Beyblades and Avatar. I mean, there was a lots of cartoons also, but those 2 were just greatest. Of course a lots of CN stuff like Regular Show. I was like 13/14 when I watched it. It's not really childhood anymore, but who cares :D
    But you know, my childhood consisted more of watching some criminal TV shows about real crime like Criminal Russia with real dead bodies and some gangster movies :D You know, stuff your dad watches. TV remote becomes untouchable :D

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