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  1. "Gaining confidence in any skill comes with familiarity with the situation."
    (a made up quote by me).

    Okay so i have a decent physique and since my early childhood, I never fought with anyone. Actually even in my childhood when I used to indulge in any sort of violence, it would make my heart race and cause me to be scared and anxious about the whole situation. How do I fix this? Does this require me putting myself in fights unnecessarily? Does anyone else face this?
    I want to feel always ready for a fight, I don't want to be any of the bystanders when injustice is happening right in front of them. I want to fight for the good.
    (And no this isn't the avengers trailer talking lol!)
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    Try taking up a martial art. Boxing, MMA, TaeKwon Do, whatever just learn to fight first like your dope quote. Become familiar with it and the rest comes naturally ;D
    Coming from a very experienced fighter. Haha
  3. Thank you sensei.
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    I would suggest a martial art as noted above. But also maybe ask yourself why? In your post you said it always made you afraid, but then you say you dont want to be a bystander to injustice. Are you one or the other or both maybe? Sometimes we wish to know we could fight because we feel powerless in ourselves. Either way, doing training with a martial art, I recommend a full contact one like boxing, wrestling, kickboxing etc, will teach you a lot of lessons about yourself.
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    Have you seen Fight Club? There you go
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    Well, you will fight when you don't have nothing to lose.

    Why do you want to fight?
    Are you thinking fighting like in a boxing match or street fighting where someone would probably get a knife and cut you or grab a gun and shoot you... Why are you imagining things? Are you expecting a situation where you are going to fight someone every morning you wake up?

    Just train, prepare, hope for the best. Don't be looking for a fight or you might just get something you are not expecting.
  7. Throughout my life I have been made to believe that I am that one "pretty boy" who can't fight.

    Its not that I *want* violence. I just want to be prepared to be able to defend myself and people I care about, if the time comes.
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  8. I haven't unfortunately.
  9. Basic training and sparring would help. It sounds like your experiencing an adrenaline dump. Adrenaline is a natural drug your body produces to help you fight or run when the shit goes down. If you have no tolerance to adrenaline its going to be debilitating.

    Martial arts can help you get used to the adrenaline and the psychological aspect of fighting. I've been training for years but the problem with martial arts is most of the karate, TKD, and MMA courses are sport focused and arent designed for real combat. If youre doing this for confidence and self defense I would persue a combat art.
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    Well, just try to get intoa couple of fights and right about the 3rd one your fear will almost be gone. Specially if you win. Just saying.
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  11. In itself, a fear of violence is normal, at times healthy. Self defense skills are beneficial for anyone, but may not help resolve an inferiority complex (if that's the case). It's better to spar in a controlled environment than to pick a random fight on the street. If you're fighting in a controlled environment, there's someone there to pull the other guy off of you, if you get in over your head. You'll probably find that the best instructors have some military background and aren't just sport coaches. Many of the commercialized martial arts are not at all practical in real life situations. For example, kicking someone in the head is generally not practical, even though it looks neat in the movies.

    I had already earned my second black belt before I realized that I was compensating for something I'd never fix with all the fighting skills in the world. I'm not saying that's the case with you. If it's just about the fight itself, then train to be a better fighter. For me, I realized that I still felt inadequate/inferior too often and it had nothing to do with Alpha dogness.
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    Learn the "crane kick"... if do right, no can defend.
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