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    Im tired of porn, im tired of masturbating. I don't want to do this. Im starting for real now (for the thousandth time). I feel horrible. I'm starting this again because I just masturbated. On Good Friday. I feel pathetic. Every since I've heard of NoFap, my largest streak is around 8 days. This is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I've already removed most of the porn from my life, but its the urges that get me. The pictures and the sounds are still in my mind and they keep pulling and pulling me until i give in. Masturbating doesn't even feel as good anymore. After I masturbate I say the same thing "I'm sorry", "I won't do it again", but i never change anything. My greatest fear is that I actually don't want to stop PMO. Save me
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    Ok bro,this is kinda complex but you have to follow 3 steps

    first step,get away mindless binging,edging of arousal pics and hot stuff,and PORN,stay away from mindless use of internet,dont listen music or drink coffe or alcohol,stop all that get away from, that

    you have to do this in order to empty your mind from relapsing fuel,and feel more empty and clean,without all that noise in the head,your brain will recover more easily

    second step,brainwash your mind that doing fap and watching porn is painful,and fucks your brain,and you ejaculate blood if you do it,feel the masturbation as a disgusting act.

    third step,start doing new habits,lie to your brain,trick your mind to do them,until you will not even require willpower to do them,the new habits will be then TRUE new habits.
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