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  1. Acctually i have a problem that whenever i go out of my room and start staring girls boobs and suddenly there is sensation in my body and start erecting whether i am in a public place or on road. I feel so embarressed. How can i get rid of this ???Good advices will be much appreciated.!!
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    Don't stare at girls' boobs then!
  3. Many times i dnt try to do the same but whenever there is any hot one i cant procrastinate and one more things many times it happens without staring anyone, i can say without having any sexual pleasure
  4. Maybe try thinking of something completely non-sexual. Think of puppies or some shit and maybe that will keep you from getting hard. It's worth a try.
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    Think of your grandmum :emoji_older_woman: it works
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  6. K i'll try but problem didnt remain the same many times without any sexual thoughts i feel high erection
  7. That should make it only more effective.
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  8. Hahaha, unless you're Phillip J. Fry.
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    I just googled Phillip J Fry grandmother , yes she is good looking dame .;)
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  10. Omg!! I did not expect she is this much beautiful. Perhaps fallen in love with her. Ha ha ha :)
  11. Have a purpose to leave your room. Have a goal for the day/week/lifetime.

    If you have no aim you will fire willynilly, and just do whatever (like staring at girls).

    Be focused on what you want you do (I need to go take a shit, I need to go gym etc, etc.)
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  12. Look what i am? O am just preparing for my compitition exams and leave alnoe in a room outside of home. I do every work myself. i go outside only when i need to by imp stuffs such as vegitables, books, magazines, food blah blah then only i am there. But from last 10 days i am getting alot of changing. Happy to be and dont do what i used to do earlier.
  13. Ya very right she seems to be the same. I started doning
  14. Oh sorry. I dont know that fiction character.
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    don't stare at them just look and take your eyes away, whenever dirty thought going through your mind distract it with other thing like what is she wearing , is it her favorite or her eyes are great just distract yourself with anything i found on net to think about spongebob or Dwayne Johnson you have to counter it as fast as you start it to get in your mind
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    Unfortunately, the only real option is simply avoid looking. The only other option is time. As you get older, this becomes less of a problem. I'm not sure, though. I just reset a 10-day streak yesterday, and by that time I was feeling like a hormonal teenager again (I'm 30). Probably not as bad as actually being a hormonal teenager, though. Hopefully after rebooting, it gradually becomes less of a problem.
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  17. I do agree very much. And thanks for your valuable suggestion. You from last 10 days what i am feeling. whenever i stare any beautiful girl i started condidering she is a girl that can be some ones sister, daughter or can play a role of a mother so why should i think something wrong about her. Now i am just enjoying without any distraction

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