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    Hey guys,
    My name is josh and im 26 from Australia.
    Been addicted to porn since before i can remember .
    I am now going to more extreme lengths like sexting.
    I have a girlfriend and its taking a toll on our relationship and i just dont feel like i can stop with huge feelings of guilt after.
    I am an attractive dude some may say which makes it easier to sext.
    I dont know what to really do here, so some guidance would be very appreciative.

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    1) Write down on a paper why you want to start this NOFAP lifestyle. Be honest about it.
    2) Accept yourself and the addiction you have and convince yourself that you want to change for the better of yourself.
    3) Delete/Block the pornsites. Why do you even visit them man? You have a gf that can satisfy you? Love her and cherish her and she decided to invest part of her energy in you. You should repay her with that same energy she is investing in you.
    4) Find new useful hobbys ( this is hard I know). You can list on a paper on what kind of things you want to learn in life. Remember time is the only thing we cannot control so do not waste it.
    5) If you have urges to PMO again turn that energy into something useful ( a task that wouldnt give you pleasure) such as exercises, studying, meditating, useful socializing, fighting your fears, writing your own journal etc. There are so many thing you can do.
    6) Create healthy habits. Remember NOFAP is not only about stopping PMO but also about creating a healthy lifestyle as NOFAP will not be that magic fix to all your problems.
    Remember you can make your willpower grow. You just need to believe in it. It all takes one step. Your willpower is the foundation to the life you are living and want to live.
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    Keep reading about the negative consequences from PMO. The more you read about it, the more you fear relapse

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