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  1. I'm having a bad day today with PAWS symptoms. I feel so low, lethargic and suicidal. Whatever I do, i feel the same way. Walking, listening to music, standing are a burden. The only thing feel a lil bit better is laying down on a bed.

    PLZ If you do not know what PAWS is, don't respond..
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  2. jayyad

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    right with you brother, can’t even get out of bed this morning to go eat, just not feeling it at all.

    best thing I can tell you is once you beat this, and survive it, you will be unstoppable. You would have already got through hell and now can get through anything else. It’s the only thing keeping me going
  3. If I knew i was going to get all those sufferings from hardcore PMO, I would have never touched it in the first place. I thought I was close to healing but it's not the case yet....

    And I feel bad for other fapstronauts who don't know how dangerous excessive pmo is to their well being.
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    If you want to be free from PAWGS you have resist the PAWS. Survive the storm man, just have in mind that it will pass. Your current condition is not your eternal condition
  5. My lower abdominal has been swollen about a month. No doubt in my mind it's paws issues....
  6. There is a lot of anger on these forums. Let’s be kind to one another. We’re all suffering from the effects of stimulating our own wieners to the point of ejaculation, then suffering through the after effects of feeling empty and defrauded
  7. I've been dealing with a little bit of that the last few days as well. I've found that what helps me is acceptance. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's incredibly powerful. It's hard to explain, but I'll give you an example of how I use this.

    First, a wave of depression or despair or whatever comes to me. I'll try music, exercising, etc but it doesn't always work. At that point I say to myself that I've done what I can. I relent that it's just how I have to feel at the moment, but that it's okay and part of the process. For me, that pulls the depression off the pedestal I've inadvertently put it on and places it into context. I then realize it's not a monster, just a temporary part of me that will pass. Even if I'm not immediately happy, it does give me peace and strengthens my resolve. In most cases, the depression leaves soon after of its own accord.

    I'm not sure any of that made sense, but maybe look it up. Here's just one of many websites: https://hopegrows.net/news/the-positive-power-of-acceptance
  8. Dude really??
    Are you trolling or for real?
    Or are you a rookie and don't know what you talking about???
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    Interesting about the stomach issues. I feel like I had something similar a few months ago.
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    1. How do you know his life is mediocre?
    2. Maybe there are other things but PMO is 90+ % of the problem
    3. Im struggling too, PAWS and flatlines exist. I, too believe that something else is going on for the super long rebooters that isn’t just PAWS, however, whether he is severely depressed or has PAWS or something completely unrelated, he is suffering. And we should be respectful of that
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  12. About currently a month....
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  13. You only joined yesterday. You are a troll. Don’t think you’re going to come into these forums of strong men who retain semen and abstain from porn, with your weak fapping attitude, attempting to act like an ass. I’ll have reported you.
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  14. A month is great - keep it up! I'm only on day 12. And just FYI, I have a mood disorder ... technically not quite bad enough to be bipolar but it still sucks.

    I don't think porn necessarily caused it, but the two definitely feed off of each other. One makes the other worse and vice versa like a cycle. But what I've noticed is that when I'm porn free, I simply FEEL more. I once went 6 months without porn. I had some amazing experiences! But, the sadness would still come. It was different though. It wasn't born out of despair but it was deep and un-muted. Porn deadens everything, both the good and the bad. Without porn though, even when the bad stuff happens, you'll have more energy and fortitude to deal with it.

    You have to stay vigilant though - one day I let my depression get the best of me and I relapsed. Stay strong brother and ignore the trolls ...
  15. Yeah p along with mo suppresses the ability to deal with negative emotions.
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  16. Feeling exhausted today, hopeless and worried about the future.
    Ever since I have started this pmo shit, most of my of my 20's has been nothing but trouble. Struggled with ACUTE , PAWS and Sexual Exhaustion along the journey.

    I wanna have peace of mind or be care free but pmo took all away. I have some glimpses of where I used to be before paws but not there yet.
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    Keep going. I'm suffering in PAWS too. A month, right?
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  18. 12 days from 40 days....
  19. Anonymous86

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    You may be one of those people who needs 5-6 months or longer. I'm just going to try my best myself, personally.
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  20. If I complete 5 or 6 months and got healed, that would be 3 years and 3 months of agony and pain from PAWS and Sexual Exhaustion without counting 3 previous years of ACUTE WITHDRAWALS phases.
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