Feeling dissatisfied about my genitals size

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by DarkWarrior98, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. DarkWarrior98

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    Hello guys hope you are doing well this is my first time writing a thread...

    I have been interacting with PMO since I was 10 years old, right now, I'm twenty years old. I will probably tell my story in a future thread, but first I would like to ask you something, a couple of years ago I felt very good about my dick size, I felt very confident and glad with it, after watching years of porn I started to feel uncomfort with my size, I feel very insecure with this condition due that I can't enjoy being with a girl in peace because im always wondering if she is feeling enough or if my dick was bigger she will feel more.. As I said i didn't have this problem a couple of years ago, so actually when I relapse, I do it with "huge dick" porn, I don't know why but I only get excited when I see, mega dicks, I'm not gay at all, and I feel bad about this behavior, because it has also made me get into "cuckold" porn and imagine my ex girlfriend with another guy with a bigger dick than mine..

    My boner's are not good enough and maybe that also affects me because I don't see my dick real size or I don't know, porn has made me change my mind about my Alpha male and now sometimes I jerk off thinking about cuckold or something like that...

    I wasn't like that and I really want to recover my alpha male on this field...

    Do you have any advice?

    I noticed that when I scored 40 days I started to feel comfort again with my dick but not completely..

    Best Regards Warriors!
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  2. davidbowie

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    Hey friend, I had a few sexual experiences before starting to date my actual wife, and no girl had complained about my size, but I always felt insecure about that for years.
    P really makes things worst because actors had exacerbated sizes, and it seems to give more pleasure to girls.
    From my experience I can say: size is not the only thing that attracts a woman / give pleasure, and many girls actually don't like big dicks, because usually the boys don't know how to use their gift in the right way.
    So, my advice is to convince yourself that you have everything a girl needs, and when you have sex, be creative, use your body.
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  3. Second this advice.
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  4. I have never been MORE satisfied with my package than when doing no PMO
  5. Ajar

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    NoFap Defender

    The problem with porn is, the more you watch it the more it means in your life. Your world is centered around porn enhanced traits. The more time you spend away from the porn, the less it will mean. Don't worry brother!!
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  6. Ra's Al Ghul

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    What is more problematic is that you're getting excited over big dicks.
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  7. Coolyorky

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    Abstain from P. Stop PMO and I guarantee I’m a few weeks maybe a couple of months (depending on your P habits) you’ll feel better. More confident and at one with yourself
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  8. Stay away from porn for at least 90 days and you will feel even more confident than you did at 40. It takes time.
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  9. ReclaimedLife

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    Hey mate, i feel you.

    I have been on the exact same boat. There is no way around it. You can never, ever, and if you life depends on it, watch porn.
    When i stopped watching porn, my brain first fights it and its still brings up old images because i am horny af and dont have any girl right now.
    But you can fight it and over time, we both will find a girl we enjoy being with and at that second, porn becomes meaningless anyway.

    \We might not be able to change the past. But we can easily work for our future. And the more you are willing to invest in yourself and the more you realize how important that is to be happy, the easier it will become to take the responsibility and say "I want to have great relationships with women/girls later and porn can go fk itself"
  10. DarkWarrior98

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    Thanks man, really helpful words, Im staying strong i will keep me like that, my best wishes for you!
  11. DarkWarrior98

    DarkWarrior98 Fapstronaut

    Do you think that after a couple of months in monk mode, maybe those thoughts that I use to get horny with, will no longer excite me anymore?
  12. DarkWarrior98

    DarkWarrior98 Fapstronaut

    Thanks Man! I'm on it, really appreciate it
  13. You will feel improvement for sure. Timeline's vary but it will get back to normal for you.
    I didn't go monk mode as I am married and we went with no PM.
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  14. DarkWarrior98

    DarkWarrior98 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the answer, I will for sure, I wanna improve myself about this..

    My best wishes for you and your marriage!
  15. Naranja Mecánica

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    I used to watch this exact kind of porn, however I pictured myself as the alpha while watching it. Probably because of the same reasons. I wanted to fantasize about having a big one. Now that I'm approaching 2 months of NoFap and 1 month without PMO after 3 or 4 years of watching this stuff I gotta tell you, things change for good. You start seeing that there was absolutely no reason for not being happy with your size. This days I love my size and I feel very masculine. I realized that those fantasies made me feel weak, inferior and anxious. Leaving PMO behind I now feel so much better, mentally and physically. Just keep going and you will get there. You don't rewire your brain in 40 days after years of porn. I hope you are doing better now. My best wishes.
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  16. Infrasapiens

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    It is a "The grass is greener on the other side" situation. Even if your entire body was a firetruck hose, you would still want to be bigger. Just accept it.
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  17. D23

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    Penis size doesn't matter. Please don't make the same mistake I did. I tried harmful things like stretching my man hood. Im still dealing with the consequences. Women care about how you care about them and what you can provide for them such as love and stability. Love your self. God Bless now find a good women and ask her your questions. Chances are youll learn women dont care. Also screw porn. None of us would be in this boat if it wasnt for that industry. Ive learned if its not broke dont try to fix it. Best
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  18. iLoveRain

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    Hahhahaha ,really ? Come on ,mine is not that long eithee and also curves down like a damn banana. But who cares ? Not my person for sure.
    This is there and it works ,thats what i care bout.
  19. hardowner

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    POV counts. When we stare downwards, it looks shorter. In order to see your actual size, you have to use a mirror. Watch your boner's reflection on a mirror that is on your side. That way you will see it the way you see others' pistons...
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  20. I think it's porn that causes this kind of mindset. I was much the same; I thought I was tiny even though I'm very comfortably average. It's so stupid because I'm not even that convinced the majority of girls actually care that much. I used to think (and still do a little) that unless I pounded away at girls with an ultra erection then I was a worthless lover; in reality it's just about being intimate.
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