Feeling like faping! Help

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Tan Korrey, Jul 26, 2022.

  1. Tan Korrey

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    This is day 14 for me, I'm feeling strong urges to M, yet no strong urges to watch P. I feel like quitting P and M all together is the best way for me, any ideas what to do before a relapse?
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    Observing your urges in the third person. There's no need to comment on them as good or bad, or anything else, just stare at it and let it die out. This works pretty well for me.

    Another method for emergencies, from some old sages (pretty extreme, but effective if it suits you):
    Imagine the vagina of a female as the mouth of a venomous snake, while you are putting your penis into it. Visualize your penis gets bitten and turns black or so. By then, you should feel terrified and your strong urges will be suppressed all of a sudden.
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    Did you identify the trigger? , normally still there that's why the temptation.
    If it is stress then it is better to do activities anti-stress.
    If it is sadness then search activities to deal with it.
    If it is an app,then erase for the moment.
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