feeling like you can conquer the world?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by astronaut prime, Jul 6, 2018.

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    i wanted to ask....
    regarding the feeling of....'like you're able to conquer whatever problems life throws at you....'

    how can i feel like that more often?
    i occasionally feel like that, but not often.

    is it testosterone? (my blood test levels are fine)
    is it confidence? (does no fapping help it?)

    i have mild depression (although it's really challenging still. and im working on it). but i often times feel like i can't do it. some tasks are really hard and challenging.

    one of the most challenging topics i have is smell/scent sensitivity (even harder than not looking at porn/masturbating). ive read a lot of research about it, but i'm extremely sensitive to smells. and i feel really challenged even hanging out with my girlfriend/other people if i notice a scent. it becomes all that i think about and how much it bothers me. and even days later, i still continue to worry if i have to smell it again. ive been journaling and processing but it's been painful going through the process. there are times when i feel like i can't overcome this problem of mine. and other times, i feel like.... i just might be able to.

    how do you guys get that feeling? that feeling of vigor, things are gonna be okay, energy, you can conquer it, life is good etc kind of feeling more often?

    i exercise often, eat clean, get enough sleep, socialize and try to be mindful already but...idk
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    Set written goals, however easy or difficult, and then go crush them! Seriously give them you're all. It seems to be helping me, I still have bad days but the good ones outnumber them. Not only do I feel on those days like I can take on the world, I'm noticing the people I'm talking to or being around can feel my energy. I guess the sound of my voice is changing even from what one friend has told me.
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  3. It's doing the small things everyday. Taking that cold shower, mediating, reading a book, going to the gym, all those good habits consistently.

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