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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by keepitinmybriefs, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. keepitinmybriefs

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    I just have this pervasive feeling of isolation and loneliness. I do have friends, I hang out with them regularly, but then I come home where I live by myself, and I'm just... by myself. I've only had a few dates in the past couple years, and most have never gone past the first or second date. I just kind of feel like I'm treading water. Like even though I have friends, I only really seem them at work, or when we decide to all get together, and then I don't really talk to them outside of that. I don't really have what I could consider a best friend - someone I can just chat with every day about anything. I dunno. Maybe I'm just being silly and dumb.
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    i can strongly relate to you, man! I feel like that too! I think its because I dont love myself enough, i feel disconnected to other person. thats why. I have a watsapp if you are intersted, please let me know I'll add you. We are just 8 poeple. Only 2 others actively talk besides me. We share our burdens and our little victories.

    Opposite of addiction is connection! Value yourself more, love yourself more. You first, thats the way. Feel good, do good, man!
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    Thanks. I just feel like with most or all of my current friends, I'm always the one who initiates things, like the one who texts them, and they're never the ones to try to check in with me.
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    I felt this type of loneliness before, but only because I cared what people thought of me. However, if you want to meet new people, how about signing up for some kind of class? Yoga, BJJ, shooting range, etc. You'll have an excuse to meet people on a regular basis. And doing an activity together builds bonds. Are you under 35? What about the military? Get fit and get free college. Plus it's a great career.
  5. keepitinmybriefs

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    Oh no, I have zero interest in the military. Other than that, that's what I've been doing. I join groups, have a lot of fun at them, but then no one ever wants to do anything outside them. :/
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    Same feeling, man. I have people that I can talk to about everyday stuff, but not someone on my level. I can't just start talk about rock and metal, cause dudes around me don't listen to it. I want leather jacket and a Harvey Davidson and some tight boots, and then just rock on, but not alone. But with whom?
    Yes, man... Yes. They don't get my poems cause they're written in my handwriting. They have their poems and that's the problem. World is small, even if there's millions and billions of people. I guess what works out is time. Patience. But how much do we have?
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    Hey buddy, boots and a leather jacket are fine by me, as long as you've got on tighty whities underneath!
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    A ha so funny. I like you brother.
  9. TheLightOne

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    Ugot facebook groups that share your interrsts. Join and meet them. U got friends as long as u have skmething in common with em.
  10. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    I can relate, especially your line about treading water. I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and going back to all the “sexual acting out” behaviors I was doing in the past.

    But I’ve actually made a lot of progress and it be a shame to go back to those old ways. Also I was headed to some very bad things which I’d no doubt get into if I returned to the old life.

    I only have one close best friend and being able to talk to him helps me stay in touch with reality. SAA and the Meetup get togethers help also but unfortunately the casual friendships when I go climbing or bowling don’t extend. I’m still home alone and often out doing things alone.

    No I don’t think you’re being silly or dumb. It’s a struggle.
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  11. keepitinmybriefs

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    I've started a Minecraft server with a couple of my friends, and that's honestly helped a lot. It's nice to just have unstructured time where you all just hang out and do stuff, even if it is inside a video game.
  12. even if you did have a best friend what makes you think you will like it either? you will probably still feel lonely. i think what you need is a romantic partner. but that is easier said then done. I guess you have to start doing stuff out of your comfort zone.

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