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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Nimbo, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Nimbo

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    Let me just start off with saying I’m currently on day 45 as of writing this. My longest streak has been 70 days. This current streak I have is gonna beat that, hard mode.

    However as of recently I’ve been seeing a decline in my mood. I haven’t been waking up as energized and motivated as I was previously this streak. My confidence and self-esteem has dropped a quite a bit. I still try to fake it when in public, but behind closed doors I just feel sad. There’s this kinda empty feeling in me I guess. It’s not going away either, my mood has been down for the past few days.

    I’m starting to lose hope here, can anyone explain what’s going on with me? This seems to be worse than the usual flatline. Maybe I’m just over exaggerating though, idk.

    I appreciate any response wether it’s advice, explanation, or empathy.
  2. Souvent08

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    It sounds like you are not having a good time right now. You got this though. Things may not seem normal right now but you are on your way to a life free of PMO. I would suggest you just hang in there. And do a lot of reading here on why you should continue. Maybe what’s happening is that your brain is trying to get you to PMO by making you feel like you need it.
  3. johnnybgoode

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    Hey brother.
    Good you are here, not giving up and trying to look for advice or response is a good choice.

    I believe there is suffering that makes sense, some that doesn’t.
    Try to find moments where you accept and take all your bad feelings and your sad mood as they are.
    Also give yourself moments of rest from it, by doing sports, reading a book, visiting the sauna or whatever that gives you a time where you can give yourself into.
    For me, especially the last days, God became a big thing in my life again. I was really worried about not getting a job, so I followed the advice of the bible and what Jesus Christ told us: That we can free ourselves by giving all our troubles to him and believe that he will make it right. Of course it takes a lot of strength and trust to let things go, but if you do, you can feel much more free and give him the chance to solve your problems. He gave everything he had, he died for us, just because he loves everybody of us so much. Only thing he wants from you is: Believe in him.
    Of course, not everybody will take this serious, but now God/life showed me another time, that it’s worth to have faith.

    stay strong. You are on a good way. And never give up.

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