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Feeling pain in my right knee. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Deleted Account, Jul 6, 2023.

  1. Long story short, I'm now back in the gym after years of non-attendance. However, I've developed a pain in my right knee; I feel it most when I'm kneeling or descending stairs.

    I'm shopping around for a physiotherapist (I may ask a friend to suggest a good one), but the internet says that this may be due to weak hips and glutes. Honestly, since I'm not a kinesiologist, I can't say for certain.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before? Do you know what might have caused it (for example, bad form, weaknesses in other muscle groups, or perhaps imbalances, which may explain why it isn't both knees)?

    Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. newman_unleashed

    newman_unleashed Fapstronaut

    Check out the Kneesovertoes guy and Athletic Truth Group. I guarantee that doing hs program will better your knees and everything else. Tibialis raises and and poliquin steps are great. Go slow and regress exercises to easier forms if they cause pain.

    I have been incorporating their stuff into my workouts for about a year, and I feel like my legs and ankles are bulletproof. Super stable, strong, no hint of pain when squatting or sprinting, and I am 43. It's like I am 21 again.
    Here's a taste, but he has programs for the entire body, and it is important to do the streching and other stuff as part of the program. I started with the "Zero" program and am adding more as I feel stronger.
  3. xuledywo

    xuledywo Fapstronaut

    Certainly, if you're experiencing knee pain after returning to the gym, it could be due to weak hips and glutes, improper form, muscle imbalances, or individual differences. Consulting a physiotherapist for a proper evaluation and personalized advice is recommended.
  4. mariniteish

    mariniteish Fapstronaut

    I've had knee pain here and there for years. seems counterintuitive but one thing I've always noticed is when I do more squats (body weight only) the knee pain seems to go away. I am at the gym 2-3 times a week and I always do body weight squats in between sets of other things. obviously it depends on what your knee issue but if its just kind of general pain like I seem to get, squats help me. if you have actual structural damage, might not want to do that and get it looked at.

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