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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by realliferealman, May 22, 2019.

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    Sometime I thinking myself,why every single time I want a long relationship with a girl,the girl will never like me back?? Very single time..I am certainly give up to chasing for love..Is it because I am not worthy to get any girls?

    I mean,when u say I poor,now I have a decent income now.

    When u say I fat,I lose 20kg compare to my fattest condition.

    Then now,what else?? What the fuck you still want from me?

    At the same time,some stupid motherfucker just have so many girls although having a girlfriends.I wanna to ask,why the fuck is so unfair?? I ready not understand

    Some time I quite worried,I will be single in my whole life.Now I 29,sadly to say that I never having a relationship. Thats why before that I going to fap, then lazy,then eat uncontrollable,then fat,then no girls.

    But now I changed,but the condition still the fucking same! Then what is the point to going through all this?

    Can somebody tell me,what the fuck should I do?I dont want the whole life is just fapping on my bed.
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    I can understand how frustrating it is when everyone else can have so many relationships in their life - and the worst is they don't want to tell you the secret they use for. But see it on the other side with this dude: if this "motherfucker" you called him had so many relationships, that tells that not every woman could stand him. But that he gets a lot of women means that he is a very relaxed person and has nothing to hide.

    Be more relaxed, you set yourself under too much pressure. Women will notice that. When I walk through the city for shopping or meeting friends I took a "I don't care"-behaviour for women, which makes me more releaxed. That works better for having at least great conversations and sometimes having a date. This time was a few years ago, studying takes a lot of time but still I remember how easy it was to interact with women - and I didn't think about relationship or sex etc..
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  3. Best dating advice you will ever get and brutal truth: The one who loves gets fucked, the one who fucks get loved.(mentally)
    note: The game is not about money or looks, it is about seduction.
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    Honestly, I quit porn because I found a girl I was willing to go after. She rejected me, I had two minor relapses, but through it all I realized I still have another chance to get out.
    And let me tell you, the stress of trying to get with a girl is actually worse than being alone, and rejection is even worse still.
    Your changes have to have made some difference in your life. Instead of fixating on not having a girlfriend, see how you can build off your own accomplishments and continue where you've been going.
    Changes and the future are unpredictable. Desires aren't as fulfilling as they seem to be.
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    Been in and out of a relationship. It's not all sunshine and puppies as it seems to be. Relationships take work. Constant efforts to keep each other happy. At some point I too felt the same way and entered into a spree of shallow women and pornography. It became boring and I lost a grip in life. Then I decided to make my actions based on whether it makes me happy or not. I don't surround myself with women anymore. To be honest, it's kind of liberating for me. Not everyone is destined to be with someone. You can be perfect just the way you are. Find a hobby or if you already have one keep doing it everyday. Travel a lot. Meet new people and make friends. Who knows, you may even meet someone eventually and end up together. Good luck.
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    Dont focus on that man, life is bigger than women, improve your life, find hobbies, laugh more, find a purpose of your life.
    Women will be interested when your life is worthy.
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  7. some of us will never get laid, thats a sad fact. however, self destruction isnt an answer either. you wont die from fapping, eating, but just perpetuate your suffering. you should do nofap for yourself, your brain can get recalibrated. it seems pointless now, but the compulsion will weaken over time. it might not get you laid but it will makw you feel better/

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