Feeling withdrawals after three days...

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Archenl, Oct 3, 2015.

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    So I've been a part of this community for about three days. In exactly 5 hours will be make three full days since I last Pmo. After my first post, I really want to thank those who messaged me right away and were willing to help me. I have already decided who my accountability partner is. I just havn't messaged that person yet because I have been busy with exams coming up in school. I realized the more busy I was, the less I cared about watching pornography UNTIL NOW... I'm at home and my heart is starting to beat really fast, and my mind is revolved around pornography. I really do feel like throwing up. But me writing this is mini essay out is actually helping me. So if you guys ever do feel tempted to watch porn try writing out what you feel to this community. I have only been here for three days, but I am comfortable with the people here since we are all going through the same thing. So Yea I took an oath I wouldn't PMO for 7 days, and in five hours It will be three whole days. So I am willing to continue that. And for the days to come, whenever I get tempted I will just write my temptations away. That's all.
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    I always like to shift my thinking,

    Cookies or trees, forrest, buildings, things coming up to do, maybe cleaning my room.

    As you said when you're busy there is no time to think about PMO.

    You need to relax right? Can't be busy all day. Then you focus on calmness, relaxation and let your whole body relax. With that nice breath. etc.

    Then thoughts coming up about PMO, part of your brain is saying, yes relax come sit down take that phone..

    In those moments you need to say something or think something that helps your mind get off it.

    It's really a nice practise, typing a little bit can definitely work because the majority of your thinking has to be with the writing. How to put your words right and make your message clear.

    I took a moment (don't try this at home) to bring up some urges, just thought about things that often lead towards other steps that eventually may result in a relapse.

    It is in that thought, you want to cut it off. The more you do this the better you become at it. Change thinking. (ASAP)

    I let my mind come up with some fantasy, I let it come, it increases, feelings start to come with the images, I have quite some blood flowing down there. This starts to flow away at the moment I type this. I looked in the room and saw some cookies, how are they made? I see a whole business around the cookies, the machines making them, people in silly looking workwear doing things at a production line, packing and shiping. I could even go back to the basic ingredients like the flower they used and the fields where the grain grows. I also see all those things.

    The little boner that grew at the beginning was gone as quickly as it came because my mind was shifted. Everyday you practise and everyday you become better. Please note that I did enforce the urge by myself, normally I don't do that because I know it leads nowhere.

    The last time I got some blood flowing down there was when I was on my bike and there was an other human in front of me.

    Now I decide to go eat because I haven't had breakfast and after that I take a lovely cold shower (do some push ups first)

    You're onto something ;). You'll become better with exercising this and in the beginning there is often a lot of practice

    You are doing great and I believe you'll be just fine!

    Best of thought,

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    The first few days can be the hardest in some ways. It helps to be super-intentional, and super-busy and super-aware. You can't just stay on auto-pilot. Below this comment is a link that might help.

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