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  1. I just wanted to share with you guys that I got my temple recommend renewed today, and I told my bishop about where I'm at with PMO and how it's not feeling like a struggle. I was able to honestly tell him that I believe I'm worthy. I don't know if it was the Spirit or just a sense of relief to open up but it felt really, really wonderful. I've never felt so proud to have a current temple recommend. I'm feeling very grateful for the Atonement that means I don't have to be defined by my mistakes.

    Knowing there's a whole community of other members facing the same trials I'm facing has made me feel a lot better about my ability to repent and improve. Thank you, and much love to you guys!
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    Yes, there is definitely a path to improvement. The best method is working on it and sticking close to our faith and our commitments and our covenants.

    That feeling of being worthy can be difficult for lots of us to keep a handle on. Part of that is culture and another aspect is definitely the adversary tempting us to not believe in the immensity of love our Father in Heaven has for us. We can help ourselves by learning more about God's love and also staying in touch with our Priesthood leaders who help to remind us :)

    You're doing great! It's such a help to be able to go and serve in the temple and feel that extra recharge.
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  3. Amen!

    Some temple visits are like total respite from all the worldly cares and daily grind. A temple visit can be so refreshing and invigorating when done with the right frame of mind and in the attitude of humility and worship.
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