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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by kumarach, Aug 1, 2021.

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    today i had gone on a trek with 14 people up a mountain,they all belonged to near about my age group,some younger ,some elder to me.We did not really share a lot of common things but it felt kinda nice to meet so many people whom i can talk to irl. they smoked weed and got drunk on top of the mountain and were confused af on how to get down the hill so decided to wait (and even after that i had to help them get down because the weed seemed to become a little too much.they thanked me a lot.LOL). all in all i believe i need more friends and a a company where i can open up,i may or may not share a commonalities but i need it coz it just felt pretty de stressing to do so,i did not once think about porn during those entire 6 hrs.
    i look forward to such trips
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    That's great!! Going trekking is also one of my favourite activities to de stress, and It's the best with friends. So happy for you!!
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    Las drogas pueden ser peligrosas pudo haber ocurrido un accidente...
  4. This is an incredibly important part of personal development. While solitude is required at times, it cannot be done alone.
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    that hit so hard

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