Felt recovered until Flatline hit back harder. Has anyone been through similar??

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    I wouldn’t be so sure, most of us young guys, such as myself, never experienced a real female, we wired our brains to porn and getting aroused from a screen. Therefore your brain is really confused because it believed that this screen is a women. Re wiring with a real girl is a must, I doubt you will wake up one day with healthy erections if you never re wire to a real women
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    I never tested myself these just came and went like that.
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    He Guys, good conversation.

    I do believe a hard mode reboot is best. How long you go is up to you but I would not probably suggest anything past a year. That is most likely too long. I am no specialist. What I can tell you from my own experience is that at some point you have to reengage with women. Your sexuality has to readjust to normal sex. My scenario is a little different, I am about 39 now. I have battled with this for maybe about 20 years on and off. I have also been sexually active during that time with varying success and this is what I have found.

    Hard mode reboot is best for the following reasons:
    • You mind and body needs the time to heal. You need to come off that dopamine high that has been making you loose touch with the world.
    • If you are an addict then you most likely project you addiction into actual sexual situations if you are capable of having sex. i.e. you are replicating porn with actual intercourse. You miss out on the sensual parts of the act.
    • If you are suffering with PIED, there is no point in trying to have sex. This will only negatively impact your self esteem and result in anxiety in real sexual situations. Just wait until you are ready.
    • Redirect that sexual energy into other areas that will help you improve in general. NoFap is more than no PMO. PMO has slowed your development as a person. You need to focus in on holistic healing and improvement.
    • Ultimately hard is really the opportunity to remove PMO and all the stress related to sex and relationships from your life. It is really helpful to not be consumed by this, all the worry doubt anxiety etc.
    After a Good 3 - 6 Months I find it is good to start to reengage with the opposite sex. You do not have to jump right back into sex. Hugging, kissing, touching etc. is the lead up to sex. This is a good way to gauge how ready you are and also to readjust to being with a real woman. Also you will find if you pair with someone you really like, then the sexual tension and attraction will grow naturally. You will get more comfortable around her and women in general. This helps with the anxiety issues you most likely developed from PIED.

    I have found when I do start to have sex after a long break, my sex drive is not as high but improves as I continue to become more active. I find it does take time to find your own sexual riddim. But I believe getting back in the game is important. I suspect your libido and sperm production falls during reboot, I am guessing this has to do with your inactivity. It is your body responding to your change in habits. As a result, your body now has to get back accustomed to being sexually active.

    For the above reasons I do not recommend excessive periods of no sex. I believe that at some point no female interaction and sex is detrimental to your recovery.

    With that said, life seldom goes according to plan. By this I mean you may do your hardmode reboot, but then you do not have a partner at the end of it. It may be months before the chance arises to have a relationship. I note this to emphasize that if you have been rebooting in hardmode for quite sometime there will be a transitionary period back to normal sexual function. So do not expect to function your best when you first have sex again. It takes time the same way your reboot did.
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