Female Attraction?? Crazy Story Last night!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. Yooooooo

    Last night went crazy, really...
    I went into a party, it was one of my friends birthday. There was a lot of people there... for fucks sake even his family.

    Since I entered his house, his mother (she a 10), started telling me jokes and things like I remember you guys, blabla (I went in with 1 friend, me leading the path).
    Then, like 40 people were there so I saluted them all (like a general hello).

    Thing is, I just sat down to eat my dinner, and my friend's mom started coming near to me, whenever she said something to us (we sat in a group with my friends) she were touching me. Whenever she came near to me she would either talk or touch me (friendly way).

    Then, another girl (I know her but we don't talk, like I haven't seen her for 10 years) she's my ex gf's friend. Came next to me, sat down by my side, at first I ignored her, but then we started talking, and whenever I was talking to my friends (like giving her my back) she would start to touch my legs/feets with her legs/feets.

    Some hours after, I just sat down in some cool chairs next to a girl that was there, and I don't know how but we started to talk, like a lot, SHE WAS SOOOO TALKATIVE, like literally she told me everything about her life in 5 minutes. ( I think that's why she liked my company because I was actually listening to her )
    We talked like for 1 hour, she told me her boyfriend was there blablabla, later then her boyfriend came and sat down next to us to listen what the fuck we were talking about that much (this guy was so jealous? damn haha)
    Then after that one girlfriend of this girl came and joined us, we talked for like 30 minutes before my friend (the one I came with) told me to leave, and go home (like, it was 6a.m time to go haha)

    This girl said something like 'No one can defeat me at the pool' so I told her 'oh you such competitive, I can beat you so easily, I'm the king of butterfly technique' damn, I got her so caught with that she laughed and told me ( IN FRONT OF HER FRIENDS AND BOYFRIEND ) 'I will go to your pool and kick your ass' hahaha like she wanted to come home...

    THIS WAS A PRETTY CRAZY NIGHT TO ME, like I haven't talked like this in 7 years...

    MY ACTUAL QUESTION IS do these girls have felt attracted to me? Those touches meant something?
  2. ElSabio

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    It sounds like they are attracted to you. Girls don't just touch people they don't like. Maybe it's not always a sign of sexual interest but it surely is a sign of comfort and some level of attraction. The girl who was touching your legs with hers was definitely sending you an attraction signal. I have had similar experiences recently. It's crazy! Congratulations dude I wish you many more experiences like this!!
  3. freewilly

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  4. Dope!
    I supposed it was attraction, yes!

    I'm in a relationship so I just ignored those signals, but it was pretty cool to experience this. Like I was a magnet to these girls!
    Even my male friends were looking at me like 'the fuck look at him with all them girls' lol.

    Some of my male friends were talking about one of these girls, that was pretty hot, and they wanted to gather her attention, and she just came and sat down next to me and the girl I was talking to before leaving the place. So you can imagine how my friends were looking at me haha..

    Funny & crazy!
    I wish you the same! Thanks
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  5. fuck her boyfriend to assert dominance
  6. ElSabio

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    Oh Jesus that is F'd up
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    So Stifler’s mom has a huge crush on you, cool.
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    were they drunk though?
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    Ahaha I miss these moments so much, fkin rona
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    thats a crazy story
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  11. Some might be trolling me but I don't really give a fuck.
    I'm just sharing one experience I've noticed with NoFap, things like these were not happening to me when fapping.
    I just wanted to know if those were attraction signs.

  12. I'm not trolling, seduce her bf to be an alpha male (jk jk ofc) (but like you can if you want to)
  13. I'm straight, and I don't care that much about being an alpha.
    I'm the way I am, that's it.

    I've always been 'sleepy' when it comes to women, like, I can't differenciate if they are playing with me in a friendly way, or trying to seduce me. That's the reason of my post.
    I sometimes feel I know they trynna seduce me, but then I think, well she just being friendly 'cause she did not do anything else (or is she waiting for me to do something??)
  14. Viking83

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    Hey man,

    That's an amazing night! And I can tell you that those girls were in fact attracted to you! They were flirting with you, they were touching you, they wanted to be near you.

    Enjoy it!
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  15. A second opinion always balances things. Good going lady troll.
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  16. For_Peace

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    How long was your nofap streak when you went to the party?
  17. Cool! thank you!

    Uhm, 25 days.
  18. you are sick
  19. hey man . im on day 863 . its a new normal for me now . its real . ignore the trolls . the other day i went to my aunt 11 at night she has no daughter but my other cousin (girl)was staying there . i didnt know . when i went there the girl opened the door for me and from that very moment was just not stop flirting with me .i was like ok she wants a good talk (premarital affairs is a no no for me im religious) . she talked to me about every thing for 1 hour in mid night when everyone was asleep .
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  20. yeeaah sick as shit B)
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