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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by terens, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Hi guys it has been a while since I didn’t post any threads. I actually relapsed and started over again around 2-3 times (considering having sex as relapsed did not watch porn or masturbate.

    Ok, so this is what happened about two weeks ago which I was around 31 days of NoFap:

    I have been doing and experementing nofap since 2 years with relapses ofcourse, but this summer was the one that I felt the most confident of myself. Like I do not remember any time in my life that I felt like this.

    Anyway, two weeks ago me and my 3 normal girlfriend from neighborhood went to a club for a birthday of our friend. So we know eachother around 7 years since we are living in the same street. So we are close friends. This means that I was allways in the friendzone for them. Our conversations and attitudes towards eachother was allways in friend manners.

    Anyways, we entered to the club walked to our table ofcourse with the help of nofap I was confident as hell walking to the table with 3 close girlfriends every other man or woman was like staring at me. I did not felt any shyness etc.

    Before I have been to parties etc. I wasn’t so active with dancing or conversations with people. But this time, wtf was that! I was like dancing and making jokes all night long. And I felt the happines and the enjoyment of my friends from my companionship.

    So there were more stranger things:

    These 3 close girlfriends of mine were going to toilet together and one of them let’s say to her X was coming back like after a minute and dancing hugging and kissing me. I was like wtf?! Then the other one let’s call her Y was complimenting me all night long and also was hugging and dancing with me!

    Believe me guys, I am 26 years old. Have been into clubs and parties but never ever experienced something like this.

    I think this is because of the confidence boost which is a result of not fapping. I mean when they(my close friends) went to toilet last time I was alone in my table still dancing singing and enjoying the songs confidently and when I had a gaze aroung the place I saw like tons of lookings from girls like we were in a eye contact for like 4-5 seconds.

    Amazing experience!

    Ofcourse, we should not do Nofap for only women attraction etc. we should do nofap to develop ourselves in a good way. I just wanted to post this because I think it is a result of Nofap since I never experienced something like this before..
  2. Im laughing right now.Nice Im happy for your streak tbh
  3. terens

    terens Fapstronaut

    Glad to make you laugh bro
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  4. They could look at you because you were looking at them.
    But overall, yes, I could notice this by myself. Once I went for a walk with 2 girls and lol, they liked me and I felt lol, cool.
    Before I would be anxious. But I relapsed and my anxiety increased now.
  5. Nice! I believe this is due to NoFap!! Keep it up!!!
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  6. Gunna44

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    its because of the testosterone increase when on nofap i think
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    Right on, I had almost a year and a half without FAP but not through this website. I felt the same thing, much easier to socialize although wasn't Don Juan or anything. I think it has more to do with the porn than the masturbating though. Porn just kinda drains you and gives us this unrealistic expecation of what sex should be.
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  8. Amazing Experience and its indeed surprizing how do you balance 3 teens at the same time
    U r amazing man
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  9. terens

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  10. terens

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    Actually they are my close friends but there was something different that day :)
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  11. terens

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    Socializing is easy as fuck now I really like this situation. never going to relapse again this gives more pleasure
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  12. terens

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    Benefit update: was unemployed since 1 year. I am doing masters degree right now which I showed great hardworking and I can think more clearly and understand the classes I am taking. My professor from college came up with the proposal to be an assistant in an institution about data analysis. Now we are developing projects and I am going to give a lesson to new masters degree students.

    Tbh nofap gave me this motivation and hardworking thing. Like before I was fapping wasting my time on tv series etc. now I am totally concentrated on my classes because nofap pushed me towards this. Like I had nothing to do something else. Keep up with nofap guys never give up!
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  13. Selix

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    very nice bro

    keep at it.... hardwork always beats talent

    I also get bathed in female attention but couldnt grasp the nature of it yet
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  15. Powerous

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    It is the testosterone, pheromones and the overall better aura/energy about you. Girls are attracted to high testosterone fertile and energetic/confident men.
    Girls are not attracted to low testosterone, addicting, awkward men.
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  16. BreathTheFreeAir

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    You were coming from a place of joy, having and good time and not invested in the outcome.
    This is my goal!

    Also there is this thing called social proof, these ladies saw you having a great time and dancing with girls, when they see this they think hey this guy must be something special (you are) look at how many girls are all over him. Social proof.
  17. IvanRT

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    Yeah, I experienced something like that in my day 40 last round.
    It's testosterone and confident of self-control.
    In the testosterone side, Women can sense it in the subconscious, which means the male in front of her has a great opportunity to breed in the perspective of biology, and it aroused them even they are not aware of it. It has been reported that the urban stressed city life is making male's testosterone low. (well, porn also makes some effort), so my theory is that urban female has less experience/resistance with the HIGH testosterone guy appear in their life.
    And the confidence stems from your PMO project that you have already proved yourself that you can control something in your life.
    Female's attention is a blessing, but beware to keep your control, I relapse last time cause I am too fucking excited about the outcome of PMO project.
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  18. SirErnest

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    NoFap Defender

    I think this may depend on the individual. I feel awful after wanking now, for several days!
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  19. Yeah, the NoFap life indeed is amazing. I had a streak of almost 300+ days and yeah it felt great, now as I relapsed I can feel the importance of Nofap
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  20. After every relapses it will take you longer time to get the benefits back. Also the withdrawals come back way harder than the previous ones.
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