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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by IllogicalBeing, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. IllogicalBeing

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    I don't get it.. im on day 19 of NOFAP YESTERDAY in classes one girl who i've never spoken to before CAME to sit next to me and had her hands all over my arm and was smiling and laughing with me and asked for my number.. SO ITS CLEAR i have a nofap aura BUT

    today i went to a bar... FULL of women and not ONE looked at me or noticed me? i mean i don't get it lol is it like a magnet? opposites attract
  2. Gotham Outlaw

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    A bar is a different environment. A louder environment makes it harder to be noticed. Not so great when you're trying to get noticed. A class is quiet and depending on you may be asked to talk to multiple people in a short period of time. The places you go to can make a big difference.
  3. FapFapFapNoMore

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    It's a bar man... totally different environment.
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  4. ItalianMan

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    nofap is not a magic potion that makes you attractive to every women
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  5. Devil's Details

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    The good news is that ain't nofap, that's you she's into. And you've been in class together for awhile so spoken to or not, she's had plenty of time to get a good eyeful of you, hear about you, and knows that you're probably not a psycho.

    The bad news is that a bar is a completely different animal. You don't have the social proof of sharing a class, and the women there aren't bored half the time looking around and daydreaming. You don't just sit in a bar and wait for girls to come up to you... that's your job.
  6. While I definitely believe that not fapping can have supernatural-like attraction effects on opposite gender, if it's just one time I would not hurry to draw any conclusions. You might be correlating two things that does share any causality.
  7. Sc8r51o1n

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    I had similar experience as OP.
    The issue is - you are expecting and thirsty for attention in the bar. So noone cares.
    And when you don't care - they are all over you.
    It's a rough game to be in.
    Create intention, and no expectations.
  8. Hitto

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    When you guy gotobars and clubs those really aren't the best environments to meet women because there guards are up and they are really necessarily out to find a guy I use to make it my go to meet women and I'm learning that shouldn't be the case plus girls are often drunk and so are you so your judgment may not be the best lol I went this weekend with good smog t group of friends some were girls that may help you if they see you with other women but I just like to dance and I've been told I'm pretty good at it so I was just dancing with my friends not paying attention to anyone and ''tis random girl just started dancing with me but I didn't do much with her after that she was cute being a little tipsy I'm more reserved and now I'm now seeing I'm a lot more sharp and wittier when I'm less drunk
  9. NMIE

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    and yet its till 19 days... some people realised some things after weeks or even months. 19 days isnt much...

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