Female rejection is real

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Player 1, Mar 13, 2019.

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    It's just real. They see you as nothing when you're not on a high streak. I litteraly got destroyed by an old acquaintance pretending she didn't know me. :(
  2. Women and their rejections are overrated, so are men's lusts.
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  3. Rejection is apart of every day life man. I'm going to tell you right now, if you get caught up in the " I can't get a girl unless I'm on a high enough streak" bs. You are going to struggle in the women department big time.
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  4. Well, sometimes its not all about the streaks.

    Rejection happens to those who aren't porn addicts as well, what was the worst thing that happened ? She did pretend that she did not know you, you're still alive, you're still breathing. At least you know the answer now.
    Approaching women is not an easy thing to for us, not everyone has guts to do that. So props to you for having balls to approach that woman.

    You got rejected, i know it is painful, and it crushes you down so damn hard, but don't overthink it.
    Being rejected is part of our lives, take a deep breath, do not stress yourself over with. Think of what is there about yourself you should improve and work on it, chase women later.
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    @Soldier of God Well said. Not easy to get over it thought, but sure worthes it.

    @Xander_ I was mostly angry at myself for being such a tryhard for years now, knew it would fail. I just shouldn't have care, like you say I should to improve before attempting but thanks man.

    You're right @johnwiks , I actually got rid of the counter for a month now. I wouldn't say the streak itself really matters but can't deny that apprehension or result is the same after several relapses, it truely make things worse.
  6. If I learned anything it's that you can't ever be nice to a girl. at least not when you're trying to reel one in. Nice guys are losers. Seriously. For some reason women are much more attracted to guys who don't try. They literally want what they can't have.
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    There is nothing lovelier than a nice guy imo :)

    What I think what you refer to are those guys that are "beggers" (every girl knows he will go after any female that's available). That's incredibly unattractive.
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    @Vimon: Dont waste to much time until you get rejected/accepted
    Be decisive and learn from mistakes, ask her out soon enough so it is not a waste of time

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