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  1. Davikch

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    I like wearing girl clothes. Skirts and high thighs. I even found a friend who wanted to see a femboy. It's not a fetish, just a fun way to spend time. I am straight, I am not a transgender.

    Jews have a holiday called Purim. You need to wear a costume that day. Like American Halloween. And on Purim I have seen Rabbi's (priest's) wife wearing trousers (she had a costume of a police officer). It's considered very immodest to wear trousers for woman. It breaks tznius. Some law about woman wearing and behaving chasty.

    So, I asked Rabbi about wearing female clothes on Purim. He said: "Small kids can do this, but only on Purim." I am not a small kid. It's quite sad.

    My love to wear woman garments is an obstacle for becoming religious. I am not sure if it's bad or good. Because I haven't decided what a path to G-d is, does it make people free or is it slavery? Rabbi says it makes people free, but Torah and some prayers call Moses and righteous people "a devoted slave". From a certain angle, those words do not contradict.

    Also Rabbi said it's better to fulfill some precepts than fulfill nothing. So I can fulfill things I want to worship G-d.

    Also interesting fact: Torah suggests death penalty for not fulfilling Sabbath. If you are a Jew, of course. There are 613 precepts for Jews and something like 7 for other people, Christianity and Islam has these 7 precepts. Quite arrogant, huh? Sabbath bans any kind of work on Saturday. Because Saturday is a symbol of allienship with G-d. A lot of things count as work. Using gadgets/electricity, tearing something apart, using bar soap (you are creating new substance), etc.

    Switching light on is a more sinful crime than wearing female garments, think about it.

    What would you choose if you were put in a situation like this?
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  2. eagle rising

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    Dispell any religious concepts when it comes to what you should wear. It is just tradition, a repetition of the past. What people wear has changed throughout history. People have become too identified with clothing norms because they are trying to fit in somewhere. And wearing what other people wear is a type of survival. If you look different, then you are outcasted. This is a very fundamental aspect of the psychology of humans. It has nothing to do with God or being punished by some external thing.

    But, society changes decade by decade. You can't stop it, and holding onto things of the past is only going to create strife. Why I mention this is that how we dress does not really align with survival per se. It is the story attached to how we look that makes the difference. Think about ancient man, they had no concept of clothing. So some human wearing something may look like a different creature altogether. Survival kicks in, etc.

    Now, humans make up stories all the time, it has always been like that. Any religious text is just a story made up by some person a long time ago. So when you think about the evolution of the mind, groups of people started dressing the same because it helps with feeling safe, psychologically. Because of the feeling of safety, someone starts to view it as something sacred (i.e. from God). No, it is not some rule from God, it is purely about human psychology.

    Nowadays we don't necessarily have to fight for survival, we have access to food fairly easily and we are quite aware that someone who dresses different does not really mean we are going to be attacked. Now, there are a lot of people that have been misguided, mostly by hanging onto such norms, thinking that they will be attacked. But I am hoping that this will be weeded out.

    So, you wanting to dress with different clothing than the norm is just an expression of your life and your consciousness. Again, it has nothing to do with God's imposition in any way. How people react, on the other hand, that is a different story. That is their problem, that is their failing in understanding of life and humans. That is their insecurities, which is rooted in survival as I explained (hopefully clearly enough) above.

    Wear whatever you want to wear, you're not hurting anyone. Fighting about this with yourself is just a waste of energy. Again, you can't make everyone comfortable, because everyone else wants their own perfect little world (rooted in survival), but they will never get it.
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  3. I would choose what makes sense to me.

    It's interesting that in Buddhism monastics also have a ton of precepts, whereas lay people only have a handful. But I think it depends on how you understand them and not just the number. Just as I don't think a higher day count streak is always better in a reboot process, it's also not a "more is better" situation when it comes to rules. The idea of rest makes sense whether you observe it as a sabbath day or in some other way, even if it is not a whole day.

    Maybe we can think about it this way: One person obeys a bunch of rules of a system (religious or otherwise) they adopt and conform to, another one have just as many rules but it's ones they came to adopt because it makes sense to them, and they chose to because they understand the functions they serve. So the relationships to those rules are obviously very different.

    As far as cross dressing, the only thing I would note as an indirect link and one to examine for yourself is how it has to do with your identity. Something I just read recently talks about an area of the brain that relates to our sense of self and other, and I suspect it can get a bit murky in there. For me it relates to identifying with a female character in a lesbian fantasy, and in a way you can see how that would make sense because sex is by nature an act where the boundaries are down, a kind of merging if you will. The part where it relates to addiction and rebooting is we know those parts of the brain are also plastic, and I'm not so concerned with the fact that some guys may identify in a feminine way but the boundary between self and other becoming messed up - think codependency and the like. Because to me being healthy involves being open but still being clear about who you are even if there's collective peer pressure on you to being another way. I think what happens a lot of times is people go into "like minded groups" but that's still a form of group pressure, you can argue it's positive peer pressure like when people are in an accountability group, but I think from the side of the collective ideally it should be NO pressure - just let the individual members be who they are and let the chips fall where they may so to speak. (even 12 Step culture recognizes this in the principal of "attraction rather than promotion" btw) When there is pressure to conform and a lot of people do then it arrests individuality and nobody is comfortable to be themselves, that's not even limited to gender and sexuality but could ultimately limit positive progress because people may be too closed minded to see anything other than the norm.
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  4. SickSicko

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    Don't let any religion determine what should or should not be your fashion choices mate, wear whatever you like wearing.

    God doesn't give a damn about what you wear, you will always be naked on his eyes, just as you came to this world.
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  5. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    Are your cross dressing habits linked to PMO?
  6. SickSicko

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    Fair point, but it sounds more like he just like stereotypically women's clothing, I might be wrong though.

    I mean, where I come from people make fun of scottish kilts and japanese hakamas saying they are women's clothing hahahaha, clothing is quite possible one of the most if not the most stereotypically biased thing in the world.
  7. 1. If you had no restrictions, what would you do?
    2. Whatever your answer was to #1, do you think that is right or wrong?
    3. Why is it right/wrong?
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  8. modern milarepa

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    Clothes are a way to communicate to others, it helps also to prove a point and in a way it affects and reflects our personality.

    I used to wear everyday a Jesus christ shirt, wear sandals and orange shorts. I went like this to my medical school classes until I had to go to clinical practices so I had to wear medical clothes.

    There was even a time I didn't wear shoes I walked barefoot on the streets haha

    I was nuts, I was me for sure, I didn't care what others thought of me. I remember one time in the psychiatric hospital a guard thought for a minute I was a crazy patient and didn't want to let me out the hospital it was funny haha.

    After I started wearing medical clothes people looked at me with respect and listened more of what I said.

    Just like words, clothes are a way to relate to others you can also be a naked wise man like a hindu saddhu and walk around like that.

    I think individuality needs to consider others, most people are not so avant gard as some people in this forum.
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  9. I just imagined it and couldn’t help giggling.
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  10. Anti-Hero

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    Do you want to wear wom*n's clothes or follow a religion that says you shall not wear wom*n's clothes? Pick at most one.
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  11. Davikch

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    1. Even with restrictions I think I would do it.
    2. I think it's right just because it's fun.
    3. I respect Torah, but sometimes it's kinda cruel and conservative. Maybe it's not a bad thing.

    I think not. It's not linked to masturbating or even arousal.
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  12. Davikch

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    The thing is, I don't choose between religion and woman clothes, I choose between religious perfection and just respecting the culture while being sinful.

    I can't obey 613 precepts though, because I live in an atheist family. (My mom supports my crossdressing habits more than religion, lol)
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  13. My perspective is that religion is a tool. It is not an end in itself. It's a body of knowledge and practices that give us relief from the ills of the world and promise us a place where we can live in peace and wholeness. It's similar to medicine in that way. Use religion for what it's for and leave everything else behind. If your doctor told you, "Here are some pills that will cure you of your sickness" but at the same time said "Now to take these pills you have to wear only red clothes on the days that you take it" would you listen? Probably not.
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  14. Davikch

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    Good point. But obeying only to a part of rules make religious person feel like he does something wrong.

    I think, the more people limit themselves the more "pill" works, the stronger faith becomes.

    Woman clothes create kind of a bond with modern society, partly antagonising with religion.
  15. it very ok, really. truth is girl clothes much more fun than boy clothes!!! pretty color and texture, so much combination. pretty heels. boy clothing very very very boring. girl clothing have so many pretty choices. it is good for you if it make you happy
    god want you happy. be happy. then if girl clothes make you happy definitely wear girl clothes. simple. god not create conflict in you, you do. if clothing make you happy then be pretty and sexy and even play with friend who want femboy. fun is fun. healthy.
    omg yes so true.
    :emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down:i bet he dress like female all the time, which is perfectly fine:emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down::emoji_arrow_down:
    also, mine are not, at all. so you not mention maybe it is just healthy desire. i think this is good. i just like pretty and sexy clothes and pretty sexy heels. much more fun, and straight boys love me like that too which is good bonus!
    best question
    then do that. god want a happy you, so be a happy you and be pretty
    so much more expressing emotion and feeling and sensuality. boy clothes do nothing like that. very boring. no fun. only benefit of boy clothes is they come off a handsome boy easy when you want other things.
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  16. Just to make things extra clear here, I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong, OP. You do you. This is your life and you are harming no one by doing what you want; therefore, no one can really make you listen to them and stop. I'm guessing your problem is that you're blurring the line between sin and want to do things? (Decided to put this part of the reply in first because the OP comes first when it comes to discussing points.

    Well, for me, I wouldn't want to dress like a woman in anyway shape or form. I'm just attached to the idea that women clothes absolutely aren't for me and will never be for me no matter what I do and I'm completely alright with it and I have 0 motives to go against this. This probably stems from 2 major influences/reasons. 1)Islamic rules prohibit a man to imitate a woman or a woman to imitate a man in anyway shape or form. I'm talking about imitation. Being Trans is something I have no information of when it comes to Islamic views on it, neither do I really care. Sorry, but its the truth. 2)Mainly because when you grow up doing something, you end up completely doing it without realizing it and you'd be completely comfortable and content feeling of wearing something comfortable and good-looking in your own eyes.
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  17. Davikch

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    Thank you for advice @Humble Warrior, but I am Jewish.

    Though abrahamic religions people should stick together.
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  18. That they do, brother.
    I just wanted to show my complete sides of the matter when I was answering you, not that you should follow what I follow. And I don't think I gave much of an advice but you're welcome. Hope tings work out better for ya lad.
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  19. Ascetism or limiting yourself to focus on divine things does help the pill be more effective, you are right. But not every rule helps in that way. You have to discern which rules are helpful and which rules aren't. As you pointed out, there are plenty of rules in the Torah that modern day Jews, even ultra-Orthodox Jews, no longer follow. Why not? Because they were discovered to be culturally, not spiritually, based- and ultimately not essential for the goals of the Jewish religion. Why is what you wear any different? It's irrelevant to growing closer to G-d. You can be a religious, spiritual, kind, loving, holy person and wear whatever you want or even go naked if you want.

    Interestingly I found an article about the Deuteronomy 22:5 from a trans perspective, you might be interested in reading it: https://www.keshetonline.org/resources/transtexts-cross-dressing-and-drag/
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