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Are you a feminist?

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  1. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Well... I think you're making an assumption there about news stressing peoples minds. I, personally, find topics like this very interesting, and I enjoy a spirited but civil debate, as well as analyzing the psychology and sociology of patterns like the evolution of feminism. It isn't stressing my mind at all, it's rather entertaining and interesting to me. But to each his own, of course.

  2. You are right about that assumption, my mistake. But yeah, if that is your thing then good stuff. Your posts are usually pretty intelligent, I could learn some shit from you...oh well

    I wanted to post that to help out people who are lost and angry due to the news (like I used to be). If you have the ability to wade through that and have fun, then I envy that.
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  3. Negativity is part of life man. Third wave feminism has had a very negative effect on the family and male female relationships and the reason its gotten this far is because people werent willing to challenge the movement. I don't mean to act like a keyboard warrior and act like were saving the world arguing on nofap because we arent but sharing ideas in regards to an issue that directly and now increasingly impacts our lives is more important and more interesting than pursuing a hobby as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I understand that man. Different goals are different goals, eh?

    My post is based on my interaction with people irl who achieve things. They are humble, polite, and most importantly radiate positivity. I feel that this is the best way to combat the negativity. My reasoning is that the negativity is not logical by nature, and therefore takes an illogical positive solution to neutralize it.

    I know I sound like a naive dumbass, but it is sort of like being selfless by being selfish. Promoting inner happiness can cause it to radiate and help others find their own too. Perhaps I am lagging behind you all and still need to find this for myself, but I greatly value seemingly small things that make people's day like complimenting their shirt or something.

    I also am a believer of the "how can I help others if I can't help myself" mindset.

    I very much enjoy entertaining all of your different facets of the problem and how to potentially solve them.

    Edit: Regarding hobbies, I view hobbies as paths to solving problems. Which means I am an idiot and used the word hobbies incorrectly. But solving problems makes people feel good, so any research in that direction is worthwhile imho. Maybe researching cars will help you connect with people who you can talk to to help solve greater common problems, who knows! Just like this forum does.
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  5. I don’t know if I’m a feminist but I believe women should be given equal rights, pay, and opportunities as men.

    Now do I think men and women are different? Absolutely! So what?
  6. I think these are separate issues because I do agree with what you said. I am truly facinated with human social interaction and the effect that the political climate and social engineering has on it. As is stated, it think it's very important to discuss these issues to clarify my viewpoints in my own mind, consider opposing viewpoints and have my own Ideas challenged. I dont have any illusions of changing the world online but at least my argument may become more concise and effective if I'm ever in a situation that would allow me to make and impact.

    I feel like taking anything to the extreme can be negative and obviously we see people can get really worked up during these arguments. I see a little verbal agression or someone taking personal offence as a small price to pay to be able to discuss the truth.

    I agree with the fact that hobbies and personal pursuits is key to development and enrichment but I feel these discussions are important, just as necessary and should not be discouraged.
  7. Then I'd say you are a feminist.
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  8. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut


    Uhm no i am not a white knight sorry
  9. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Where did I say I was bitter? I simply pointed out it's very unlikely. She may 'thought' she had worked as hard as men but she did not. Obviously women 'can' work on a construction site, but by and by they are doing less physical labor then men. They simply do not have the same physical abilities. They have different abilities that are more suited to other types of labor.

    For example, there is 99.9 % of women could not pass the old 'sexist' firefighter tests..the standards are lowered and (to the point of allowing some to walk the mile run test) then SJW and the media say 'see look women are just as capable as men'.
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  10. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    Yes agreed, and its making many women miserable and making them think they have to act a certain way which is completely unnatural. Unfortunately it also feeds their worst characteristics, and gives them a lot of perceived power (it's really just a power given to the state).
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  11. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    Life is based on the tension between polarities. There is the obvious tension between masculine and feminine. There is also the tension between freedom and order. The idea of freedom has given rise to ideologies, primary among which today is feminism. The desire for order on the other hand gives rise to culture, where culture is creating unity out of diversity. Our culture has largely been ruined today because of this ideology. The thing with ideology is it's unreal, and when reality bites, order will re-establish itself. You are probably just now seeing the reactionary swing back to order.
  12. ivanhoe

    ivanhoe Fapstronaut

    but people will cling to that ideology no matter how destructive ( marxism anyone?) I think with all this 'radical' egalitarianism, people are afraid to let go of the tiger they are holding by the ears.... they are afraid we'll somehow 'revert' to some sort of imaginary dictatorship.
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  13. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    Yep, like I've been saying all along, I think the fundamental addiction today, from which all the others stem, is ideology.

    I find the word addiction interesting- ad-dict-ion... to words, or to the letter and not to the spirit or meaning, which can never be tied down. Ideology is all about power, first a power over people's minds/ imaginations.

    And in creating a false sense of power in the cogito/ thought machine, people are alienated from their self/ passions. It's actually a form of disempowerment. This causes the split in the self, a dysfunctional self, a lack of in-teg-rity, where the self-conscious rational part of us, the ego, thinks it's in control. But it's not... as the passions, out of control, one way or another, wage war, and reassert their dominance to the ego's bewilderment.
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  14. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    The sad thing about feminism, whether of the garden variety or the more militant kind, is its devaluing of the domestic sphere of life. The 'real world' is considered the public one out there, where people are all being busy and getting on in the world... and even voting!

    This is completely backwards. The real world is our inner private intimate domestic lives. It's like a refuge from the whirlwind, and without it the world just becomes one big meaningless machine. In order to distract ourselves from the misery of this new 'reality' we've made for ourselves, we plunge ourselves into mind-numbing addictions. This is why the internet was created.
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  15. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    Actually I did work as hard, and in fact because of women obviously not being built the same I'd argue I actually worked harder than the men there to keep up and prove myself. When did this become a competition now about working hard? Either way that's something that can be done regardless of gender...
  16. manzonderp

    manzonderp New Fapstronaut

    Yes - I support women that fight for equal rights in countries where they are heavily discriminated. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. etc.
    No - I do not support the Dutch twitter feminists that can not have a normal discussion without calling you a mansplainer etc. etc.
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  17. Not necessarily. By labeling me that it assumes I hold all of the same beliefs as feminists, such as a hatred for patriarchy, which I don’t.
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  18. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    While I agree that women i. the west obviously have all the same rights as men, on paper, theres no denying that sexism still exists. Of course sexism against men is also a thing, and who's to say which is worse. But there are definitely still things that I, as a woman, feel could be much better in the misogyny department. So I think the conversation should be more nuanced than your question makes it. It's not as black and white as "women and men ha e equal rights," or on the flip side, "we have to smash the patriarchy!" Its more of a middle ground, in my opinion.
  19. Ratmancampidori

    Ratmancampidori Fapstronaut

    Yes, I am a feminist.

    I was raised on Buffy as a kid, as long as you arw capable of doing something your gender shouldn’t hold you back.

    If you wanna use feminism to be a bitch then good for you, regardless equality of the sexes is good. Don’t let horrible people hijacking the lable give it a bad name.
  20. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    But at what point does a movement become something completely different, when so many of it's people believe and fight for something totally different? To me, the word "feminism" does not simply mean what the dictionary says it does. It is a culmination of all the people who call themselves feminists, and feminist icons that other feminists look up to, and what they all believe and choose to fight for. I'm not trying to say someone can't call themselves a feminist even if they don't agree with a lot of other feminists or whatever. You can totally call yourself whatever you want. But I just dont think it makes much sense to say that we shouldnt let the people and beliefs and rallies within a movement determine what the movement is about... because what does determine the definition, then? It's not as if theres some feminist bible and if people go against the "word of feminism" then we can call them heretics and say they are twisting the message. There is no solid, written message. So at some point, when a vast majority of the people within the movement have taken a complete right turn into something totally different, I think it's fair at that point to say that's what the movement is.

    That's why we have the waves. I would be completely on board with 1st wave or "classic" feminism, but not at all with 3rd wave. They are vastly different.
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