Ffs why is it so easy to come across P and p subs

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Anonymous24, Apr 2, 2017.

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    My journey has been an uphill struggle to say the least and I've put multiple safety nets in place to avoid P and yet still video sharing sites aren't blocked so I too easily Google subjects even school work and I find myself watching P no MO tho and having to force myself to close the tab and by then I've already made a mess without M and O which is annoying in itself, I needed to rant like this because I'm doing my best and yet am still barely able to get by without relapse (not counting this due to no M O and self control not to binge on the new found "gold mine")

    Each time tho I learn improve adapt and add another block with a forgettable password for safety and feel better after for the progress, take this as a warning to those who really can't stop themselves after P hope this helps someone btw if you happen to do the same just know it barely affects your "superpowers" if it's one time and you don't M O use this to your advantage, I also do excersises daily and almost did more as a punishment for nearly screwing up

    Good luck, feel free to comment
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    Because sex sells for a reason. It's the dopamine rush everyone craves, so it's just there now. I know it's sucks. I can't even look up yoga poses for relaxation without seeing a fit girl in tight yoga pants and a tiny sports bra. It's like "thanks internet. You just created the exact reason why I need to relax."
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    Trigger alert

    Buddy you are right, looking at P subs are the same as looking at P itself; it will causes a relapse, and it will cause you to fantasize a lot, which ultimately leads to a relapse! I can't realize what I am doing until everything is too late!

    I blocked all porn sites by K9 but didn't block sites like youtube and google video, and I was searching for hot female bodybuilders and lesbian kissing shit like these on Youtube. Of course these videos make me relapse and wasted me a lot of time! So I changed the setting, blocking youtube, google image, google video and a bunch of other video sharing websites.

    K9 did such a good job that if it is uninstalled incorrectly (deleting files directly etc), it will mess up with the internet. So I don't dare to uninstall K9, which really is a great feature!

    All the best and stay strong!

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