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  1. Day 8 of reboot, technically day 11 because I started when I hadn't masturbated/looked at porn for 3 days. Flirting is too easy now with reboot working. All you need to do is catch eyes, smile, and talk a bit. Seriously this thing should come with a "use with care" label, because I feel almost like I'm manipulating girls' actions instead of them to responding to flirtation, that's how so easy it is. I've flirted in every class with multiple girls this week, it's almost like a game. However people assure me what I'm doing is totally ethical. And you don't need to be attractive for this to work. You could literally be a slug, and it would work the same. Let me detail the flirtation process:

    Step 1) Be confident. Confidence is king, said the king himself. That's why he was king. Do it, live it, be it. Don't be cocky, be confident.

    Step 2) Catch eyes. Girls are going to have their eyes wandering over the room, possibly looking for potential bachelors, as crazy as that sounds. Make sure you're ready to catch some eyes. Keep looking around the room, because they'll be there, I guarantee it. I see it so often, it's almost like every girl is free to date, even though some will say they aren't. The truth is they probably are, they're just waiting for the right excuse and the right person. Even (this part is speculation) if a girl has a boyfriend, her eyes will probably still do the same thing from time to time.

    Step 3) Smile. Never underestimate the amount you need to smile. Not a cocky smile. If you usually smile with the right side of your mouth, try the left, it works better. Try a fuller smile too, with both sides turning up. However keep it close lipped, but not thin lipped. Keep your lips moisturized so they're not chapped, that might look strange. Smile at someone even when they're not looking, and they'll probably eventually turn towards you and catch it anyway. Make sure it's a real smile, so either think of something happy, or practice smiling on command until smiling makes you a bit happy. Smile at the girls and you'll start to see the return smiles, the hair touching, the fidgeting, and close proximity. Try possibly winking?(haven't tried this yet but I'm going to).

    Step 4) Talk a bit. Talk to them, chat them up, whatever. Be confident and give them a fun conversation. Be polite, ask them about stuff, whatever's on their mind, just keep it real or light, just steer clear of touchy or loaded subjects. You'll know when you come close to them. There'll be warning signs like a change of voice or body language, or a phrase that they use. Don't take the bait. Stay clear of those, you're not out to change the world, you're trying to flirt with a girl. Try complimenting them if they do something new or you like what you see. (I haven't tried this much, but I suspect it actually has a negative effect. Pay my speculations no mind tho). Make sure they know your intent is more than friendship. Be subtle, like asking them to eat lunch with you during lunch period, or a hangout, or working on a project together, or even sitting next to each other, something simple like that which could be meaningless, but to them will get the point across. Make sure you accompany this with a smile. Don't wear yourself out tho. build up your smile stamina, and keep it genuine and appropriate. But a smile is usually not a bad thing, so worst case you can resort to it.

    Good Luck out there! :)
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