FIFA World Cup Challenge

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  1. I thought we could have a FIFA World Cup challenge.

    Since it's the World Cup I thought we make it a little competitive by having groups and knockout rounds. So if you don't like a bit of competition this challenge isn't for you.

    If we can't get 32 people to take part in the challenge we will have a league instead of groups and knock out rounds, but the aim is to have groups since it's the World Cup.

    The Rules
    It will start when the first game of the World Cup begins (Thursday 14th June 18:00 UTC+3).
    Come onto the thread and let us know if you've stayed clean each day when the world cup is on (providing you haven't eliminated).
    Each day you make a day clean you receive three points.
    Failure to come onto the thread each day to inform us of how you doing will result in you not having any points (even if you have stayed clean).
    The group stages will run as long as the group stages in the World Cup do
    Each group will consist of four participants and those with the most point from each group will go through to the next round.

    The knock out round lasts from the first knock out game in the World Cup to the last knock game. Points will be added up by the end of the round.
    Play nice, don't try to make those you're competing against relapse (although I'm sure this won't happen).
    Each player needs to select their team from the World Cup and will be known in the contest as that team and will be in the same group as the actual team in the World Cup.
    Teams and places are taken on a first taken basis.

    If you didn't know here are the teams and groups:


    I hope those rules aren't confusing and if you have any question don't hesitate to ask. And as I said if we don't have enough people we will have a league during the World Cup instead.

    But I think this could be fun and a bit different from other challenges.
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  2. I´m in. That sounds like a lot of fun.
    I'm team Germany.
  3. i'm in. i will take england.
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  4. Ok. I'll be Iceland.

    Was hoping there would more people interested.

    Anyway, we'll have a mini league instead of groups and knockouts.
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  6. First day of the world cup challenge. Team Germany stayed clean.
  7. team england won 3 points on 1st day.
  8. @Wave Surfer, could you please add a chart to the thread? Would be very fine.
  9. I was going to put the league up at the end of the week but if people prefer a league posted more frequently I can do that.
  10. Just a reminder to everyone to check in everyday on this thread because if you don't you won't gain any points. I myself forgot to come on yesterday so no points for Iceland yet.
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