FIFA World Cup Challenge

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  1. TheGoldenEra

    TheGoldenEra Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Sorry bud missed the opening. Not been watching the world cup much as well cos of exams
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  2. Amarion

    Amarion Fapstronaut

    I'm in !
    Team France.
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  3. truthseeker17

    truthseeker17 Fapstronaut

    I am in if it's not too late. I am for Marocco!
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  4. Ok you late comers you can join but obviously since you're joining on day three you'll be behind those who joined up before the first game.

    Sorry Mexico is already taken but you can pick another team.

    Fair enough. You can still join if you now have the time. But as I said you'll be behind on points if you do.
  5. I made it so 3 point for Iceland.

    Here the league so far:
    Brazil 6pts
    England 6pts
    Germany 6pts
    Iceland 3pts
    Mexico 3pts
    Egypt 0pts
    *France 0pts
    *Morocco 0pts

    * Teams that joined today.

    I will post the league every 3 days.
  6. azblibmon

    azblibmon Fapstronaut

    I'll join late with 0 pts if you'll still have me. Costa Rica!
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  7. Gurucito Rimpoche

    Gurucito Rimpoche Fapstronaut

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  8. UTC+3 is Moscow Time?
    Uh that timing thing is difficult. 18:00 UTC+3 seems to be 17:00 in my time zone.

    So I check in for today. Today my team plays against team Mexico!
  9. TheGoldenEra

    TheGoldenEra Distinguished Fapstronaut

    I relapsed today before seeing this. I'll thing about my team and join tomorrow (since Italy didn't damn well make it!)
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  10. Gurucito Rimpoche

    Gurucito Rimpoche Fapstronaut

  11. so after a reset, does one go to 0 points or just gains 0 points and remains with the points he already has ?
  12. yeah man, its a shame about italy. its my favourite team too. so which team are you supporting this wc ? after cr7's heroics, i am supporting portugal. that guy deserves a world cup (as does messi - too bad they are not in the same team ).
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  13. Germany 9pts.
    At least here we are successful.
  14. Gains 0 points and keeps the point they already have.
  15. Yes, it is Moscow and you're right it's 17:00 for the Western Europe timezone.
  16. I had a bad weekend with a few relapses so no points for me :emoji_disappointed:

    Need the discipline that the real Iceland team has.
  17. Enlightened soul @!

    Enlightened soul @! Fapstronaut

    I'll take Portugal
    And I'm in
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  18. Gurucito Rimpoche

    Gurucito Rimpoche Fapstronaut

  19. team england on 9 points.
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