Fighting depression on day 17

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  1. it came very unexpected ....didn't see it coming ....what is this? I was so so confident just a few days ago and today I Feel sooo sad....emptiness...sadness
    very very sad day .... I had always battled with depression I guess I found a way not to deal with it ...I exchanged it for shame and guilt ....that day I found porn I guess without knowing I was always trying to escape from those feelings ..........Im dealing with these emotions right now ...not walking away or escaping Im here sad, depressed,but but NOT USING PORN TO ESCAPE!! BYE
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  2. CuriousOrange

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    Just wanted to say I know the feeling dude. I was buzzing on Wednesday, miserable on Friday, I sort of understand why.

    I know, as I'm sure you do, that PMO is not the answer. The answer is to work out why you are miserable, work out how to change, and take small incremental steps towards that goal. It's REALLY hard, it's different for every person and it takes a long time (and at age 36 I still haven't managed it, but I have made a lot of progress). Don't PMO, it is the easy way out, focus on your real goal.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah, I'm struggling with depression, too. I can say from recent experience, that relapsing will not not not help. You'll only feel worse after. I gotta say, I'm terribly impressed that you've made it 17 days. I've only been able to make it 10 days in a a row. Keep it up!
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  4. Congratulations for 17 days. Don't do pmo, no matter how shitty you might feel now. It will not make you feel better in the long run, you just hide... Keep on going, stay strong, i am sure you can do it bro.
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    I think for my experience (30+ days) that depresion came out because you recognized that your life is not like you think. So your mind is now depressed but in a few days it returns in good condition. For me work in this way.
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