Fighting now for Day 71

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Merovingian, Jan 21, 2018.

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    Read a thread on NoFap today that got the ol brain wandering… on Day 70 and smashing the hell out of the panic button.

    Damn IT! Fighting urges now and need support.
  2. Stay calm, breathe. Don’t fight it but even more important, don’t indulge in the urge. Let it pass. The only reason urges become overwhelming is because we fight it and indulge a bit and it feels good, which is it grabbing and latching onto us. So don’t let the thoughts go any further. Step away and go for a walk or drive and cold shower for a minute or longer, before and after you come back. Do not entertain those thoughts. Don’t peek nor edge. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Don’t flush those 70 days down the toilet!!! REGRET REGRET REGRET WILL FOLLOW
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    I was exactly at the same spot 10 days back on my day 70. I relapsed and binged for 10 days.
    I feel like absolute shit right now , completely drained out.
    Whatever you are going through right now , if you give up , it'll only get lot worse and never better and you'll come to this exact spot in another 70 days to face it again.
    The only way is to face it head on and take it down. Climb the mountain.
    Get out of the house and meditate. Don't ever relapse.
    Stay strong.

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