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    As I am finding out, withdrawal from PMO is difficult and painful, both mentally and physically. I'm not condemning you to the same difficulties and experience that I'm having, but I want you to be aware that if it becomes uncomfortable and even painful, it will be something that we must accept and deal with without resorting to our old and addictive PMO behaviors. It's the addiction we have created in us, mentally and physiologically, that is the very reason for the pain and suffering we endure.
    Resist feeding the monster that has become our addiction, starve it and kill it! The "monster" stands in the way of our path to freedom and progress. Give in; shrink away and hide from facing it, and we will never overcome it. That's what it wants for you to believe.
    At the crucial moments of battling with this awful addiction you will have to decide what YOU want to believe!
    I want to believe that it is not as powerful and impossible to overcome as it wants me to believe. In this way, I can have the courage to try and defeat it, so I accept the difficulties and pain because I know I will succeed in my quest to defeat my addiction to PMO and begin to make a better life for myself.
    Even if PMO is all I think I have, I'm willing to give it up to see if there can be more, because I don't want to continue being addicted to living this lie I keep repeating to myself..."that PMO is all I have". I reject it! I don't want to believe it anymore. I'm ready for change!
    Ask yourself, "are you willing to do battle to save yourself from this lonely, sad and addictive lifestyle?"...I am!
    I will fight through the pain and self-doubt, because I know I can win!
    The addiction will force you to defeat it sooner or later... you must accept this challenge and believe you can win!!!
    Good luck to us all! Keep fighting!!!

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