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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by s4nh44, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. s4nh44

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    I have not seen porn on my computer in a long time.
    Covenant eyes has been amazing. I am too embarrassed for the person who is my partner to see the stuff I look at.
    He is a sweet older man who would faint. a friend I made in college.

    However my phone on the other hand... I cannot block it easily and its where I watch porn. And with Covid19 I have recently reach a new low. I have never watched porn everyday of the week. I usually do it once a week, maybe twice!
    I just had a week where i watched 5 out of 7 days!!
    some were very quick 10 minutes sessions but it's still bad.

    I am falling apart here.
    I am a techie so simply adding adult restrictions onto my ios device isnt perfect. I know how to get around the adult restrictions somewhat.

    I also like using certain apps like 1password which is stupidly 17+, but I think I may have to let that go and turn on that filter :/.
    Then i wont be able to download any other browsers, which is annoying as all my passwords are on the chrome app and 1password. And youtube becomes blocked which sucks.

    I also code for a living and sometimes need to test my code in the ios chrome browser.
    So blocking porn on my phone is hard to do. I mean its 70% blocked, but thats not good enough.

    I wish there was a panic button app where it blocks all internet and certain apps until my flare up is over.

    Anyone know of such apps?
  2. J707

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    Get rid of your internet connection if you’re serious. Alternatively, setup screen time in your settings, content restrictions, go to safari and set internet restrictions and set a password you will not remember. If you need to change it, gotta backup the device from iTunes on a computer, and then reset, it’ll remove the password but it takes like 20-30 minutes to reset and everything so hopefully it’ll stop you if you ever go that far
  3. s4nh44

    s4nh44 Fapstronaut

    Unfortunately like I said, I need internet for my work. I am a developer. I code...

    I do use screentime and restrictions. I gave away the password.
    However, I still know how to get through the filter somewhat. I can access random videos on porn sites based on certain criteria. I cannot go directly to a porn site, but there are methods of getting to some videos....
    I have reached out to Apple and told them about my exploits but they do not seem to care.... :/

    The only thing I can think of on my own is restricting 17+ apps again, (i used to but it got annoying) which would not allow me to download or use any other browsers, along with blocking youtube and twitter and 1password, which is quite annoying...
    Even so, I still could figure out how to exploit iOS through the same methods just not as easily...

    I would post the methods in hope that someone can help me figure out how to block it, but that would probably ruin other people's lives on here who rely on restrictions....
  4. GoldenDreams

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    This is exactly what I did except my wife has the code. I have it on the tightest restriction (allowed websites only). This is the only website allowed. The App Store is also not allowed. Not sure how one could get past that, but I’m not a techie. Maybe ditch the smartphone
  5. J707

    J707 Fapstronaut

    No, disable the store and allow only certain websites and you’ll be just fine
  6. CaptainFranklin

    CaptainFranklin Fapstronaut

    You can use apps like freedom, but nothing will be foolproof especially if you are a tech person. What I ended up doing was to use Pluckeye on my laptop, and set my smartphone screentime on so that it blocks all websites except for nofap, yourbrainonporn, and a couple of other recovery sites. Then I removed ability to install apps, and deleted all apps that give any access to porn. (web browsers in apps are ok because they also can only access the whitelisted sites). This was fine for a while, but I would constantly get my wife to put in the password under the guise of changing the settings, and then I'd look at porn. Anyway this was the best solution I found for iphone.

    In the end I realized that I will always look at porn if I want to, so all I can do is find software that gives me extra time to change my decision to relapse. This is why pluckeye is the best for me. For the phone, I just put it in the car at night, and have a rule that during the day it must stay plugged into the wall in the kitchen if I'm home, or on the other side of the office if I'm at work. This is the best I can do, I think, and it seems to be working well.
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  7. J707

    J707 Fapstronaut

    Another thing is do you have the YouTube app, you can search for or comment links to websites under a comment or something and when you click it it’ll have the sites completely unblocked, so YouTube app is no good either, the same can be done on SoundCloud as well
  8. RareFlares

    RareFlares Fapstronaut

    What i have done on my ipad is set the parental control on with a password i dont remember but saved it to a password timelock with a 3hr delay (but you can adjust to whatever). (I use ptimelock) That way if there was ever a need to access a website which has a flagged word for work, you can still access that site but having the delay means that you cannot access pornography whilst you are struggling in the moment with tempting thoughts. I recommend being very strict on unlocking your password as that will create opportunity in the window it is unlocked (and opportunity and motive together will cause you to fail). It will also mean that you have to continually change your password as you will retain the number if you unlock it. So the trick is to set it up, create a time delay as a failsafe, never unlock it so you forget the password and then you wont be able to access porn on safari or chrome.

    Alternatively, you could make a password that you don't remember, give it to someone you trust or to an AP. And then you have to approach them every time you need it. Which will make it very rare for you to do so and you will only do it with a very clear reason behind it. And you will have a limited time window too because they know when they gave you the passcode so you have to do your work, then change the password and update them, and this prevents having the time to watch pornography or they will know.

    Youtube is tougher. I have found that it requires more discipline. But when you are motivated, you can go through an unsubscribe to unhelpful channels, delete history, select not interested to unhelpful recommendations, and then you will be left with productive videos that will be recommended during times of temptation.
  9. s4nh44

    s4nh44 Fapstronaut

    You shouldnt reveal these things on here...
    Anyways there is a much worse google site that does allow access directly to many porn sites....
    Also I'm not sure you can do the youtube exploit anymore, at least not on the iphone, and it results in nothing too exciting in my experience.

    @RareFlares whats a password timelock? is this a software?
    my phone is restricted and someone else has the code.

    I cant just whitelist 5 or 6 websites. I need some form of internet.
    For now I turned on the 17+ restriction. This means I cannot use 4 or 5 apps I deemed somewhat essential, but being we are in covid-19 I figure i wont need them right now.
    So my phone is now locked down pretty tight.

    And if you know of an exploit please don't share it!
  10. RareFlares

    RareFlares Fapstronaut

    Hey mate,

    The website i use is ptimelock. You can just google it. This website doesnt allow for URLs to be posted.

    "Password Time Lock is a service to block yourself from unwanted content and websites. Create a random password for your web filter, but do not memorize it. Add this password to our vault and lock it."

    It works like a time delay bank vault. You select release and it will only release the password after the set time has elapsed. You also set the time that the password is released for.

    So copy paste a 30 digit auto generated gibberish password that unlocks your porn blocker into this timelock website. Set the delay for as long as possible. (I do 3hrs personally but however long would be needed that you are no longer struggling in the moment with the temptation. Prob no less than 2 or 3 hrs hey). And then set the open window to 10min or so. Set an alarm on your phone. After the time has elapsed, you can copy paste that password for 10min only. And you must commit to NEVER pasting the password on a separate word doc or writing it down when you get it.

    Make sure to include any websites that you need that may be blocked to your porn blocker whitelist (like nofap!) to minimise the times that you would need to use the timelock (the less you need to use it, the better). It should be very rare that you need to use the timelock but i understand the hesitation of using a complex password that you then destroy because then you can never switch it off ever. There may just be the occasional innocent website that you need to access. I know for me, I found that some police training websites were blocked that i wanted to gain access to. That's why i prefer this system where there is a backdoor but it is a complex backdoor that prevents relapse in moments of weakness.

    Give it a go and you'll find out if it works for you or not :) Though you said you have a friend who has your password code so that is prob just as effective. It's the same kind of idea, just a different system

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